Find out more about buying on tap

Shopping on tap: the advantage of buying unpackaged

One goes to the store with one’s own containers, choosing the necessary foods and placing them directly in the bags. Without plastic or other packaging. It’s …

Find out more about wine bottle formats

All wine formats

There are bottles of various weights, colours, shapes and capacities in the wine market. Here’s a list of the different formats …
bulk shop

Grocery shopping sans plastic: loose product stores in Rome

Not a trend of the moment (plastic-free, is on everyone’s lips), nor a passing fad: in starting to rethink our way of shopping is now necessary …
Tuna veal

Vitello tonnato. Origin, history and lore

The origin of vitello tonnato, a dish that has undergone many variations over time …
Find out more about Le Monde

Top Italian Wines Roadshow. Le Monde

If you’re looking for a wine from Friuli, Le Monde is the perfect solution. Here are a few details …
Find out more about British pubs

Origins, history and legends of British pubs (now reopening indoors)

In the United Kingdom there is nothing better than spending the evening at the pub, whether to taste the local cuisine or simply to go for …


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