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Find out more about wine travel food
From sake to herbs, here is the new Wine Travel Food, with all the latest news about the gastronomic …
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Find out more about Pina Amarelli Mengano and gender equality

Gender equality. Interview with Pina Amarelli Mengano

For the column dedicated to women by the Gambero Rosso Foundation, today we are interviewing Pina Amarelli Mengano …
Find out more about Italian panforte

Tuscan Christmas: panforte and ricciarelli

Panforte and ricciarelli represent the traditional Tuscan Christmas treats. Both the desserts are popular throughout the country, even if their fame is inextricably …
Find out more about December fruit and vegetables

Seasonal fruit and vegetables of December: what produce to buy

It’s finally here, December. The Christmas holidays are no longer a mirage and we’re starting to think of family meals. Of course, with …
Find out more about Panettone and pandoro

Panettone and pandoro, the desserts of Italian Christmas

Panettone and Pandoro are the Italian Christmas classics. Here is the history of these two cakes …
Carbonara: history, origins and anecdotes of a legendary recipe

Carbonara: history, origins and anecdotes of a legendary recipe

Starting from the historical cookbooks, the first example of mixing eggs and pasta is in “Il cuoco galante” by Neapolitan Vincenzo Corrado, printed …
Meat sauce pasta

Forgotten recipes. The meat sauce

We attempted making meat sauce, a fabulous concentration of flavours and aromas that have gradually disappeared from cookbooks over the years …
Where to shop for Thanksgiving ingredients in Rome
, Products

Where to shop for Thanksgiving ingredients in Rome

Expats celebrating Thanksgiving in need not panic. All they need is a little advance planning. Sourcing ingredients and staples for Thanksgiving dinner in …
Find out more about Spirito Felix

Cocktail of the month. Spirito Felix by Natale Palmieri

“Spirito Felix” is an all-day drink: a spicy, fresh and soft gin sour. Its roots are in what is still called Campania Felix, …

The Italian Wine Bible

Now in its 24th edition, Italian Wines 2021 is the English-language version of Gambero Rosso’s Vini d’Italia 2021.

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