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Gambero Rosso is the leading platform for content, training, promotion and consultancy in the Italian Wine Travel Food sector. It offers a complete range of integrated services for the agricultural, agri-food, dining and Italian hospitality which constitute the most successful sector with a significant contribution to the constant growth of the economy.

Gambero Rosso, unique in its format as a multimedia and multichannel operator in the field, includes an offer of periodicals, books, guides, broadcasting (Sky 133 e 415) and web OTT with which it reaches enthusiasts, professionals, commercial distribution channels in Italy and worldwide.

Gambero Rosso Academy is the largest professional training platform, which currently includes 6 operational locations in Italy (Città del gusto Lecce, Naples, Palermo, Rome and Turin) and joint ventures with major Italian universities and academies in the most important foreign countries abroad. Gambero Rosso offers to the Italian production system an exclusive program of B2B promotional events to foster its constant international development.

Gambero Rosso organizes international events such as Tre Bicchieri World Tour, the most prestigious cycle of events dedicated to the excellence of Italian wine in the world; Top Italian Wines Roadshow or Vini d’Italia Tour.

Gambero Rosso is furthermore a community of enthusiasts and operators in the sector in constant growth on social media
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