Find out more about Italian grape varieties

Five native grape varieties we are ready to bet on

Many grapes have been covered recently, above all the awareness and knowledge of how to handle them both in the vineyard and in the cellar has …

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Find out more about tenuta arceno

Two worlds in one winery: the two Tuscan faces of the Tenuta Arceno estate

Castelnuovo Berardenga is the “capital” of the southernmost area of Chianti Classico where we find Tenuta di Arceno, owned by the American group …
Find out more about sassicaia

Sassicaia: the history and the myth 50 years after the first vintage

With the release of the 2018 vintage, half a century has passed since the first bottling in 1968. From that moment Sassicaia has …
Find out more about Tenuta Sant'Antonio

Top Italian Wines Roadshow. Tenuta Sant’Antonio

Tenuta Sant’Antonio had right from the beginning the clear intention of producing only the highest quality wines. Here’s the story …
Liqueurs and spirits for use in pastry making: the best products

Liqueurs and spirits for use in pastry making: the best products

Fragrant, colourful, intense or delicate: spirits can be very useful to give character to our desserts. Here are the best ones to use …
Find out more about the role of sommelier

The contemporary sommelier

From curiosity to empathy, here is a list of the essential characteristics a sommelier should have …
Find out more about rudy kurniawan

Rudy Kurniawan, expelled from the US. What does the future of the famous wine forger look like?

After a sentence served in a Texas prison, where he remained for seven years, wine forger Rudy Kurniawan, was expelled from the US …

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