It was the year…snippets of modern history of wine in Italy

The dates that have marked the history of modern Italian oenology …

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Find out more about the role of sommelier

The contemporary sommelier

From curiosity to empathy, here is a list of the essential characteristics a sommelier should have …
Find out more about rudy kurniawan

Rudy Kurniawan, expelled from the US. What does the future of the famous wine forger look like?

After a sentence served in a Texas prison, where he remained for seven years, wine forger Rudy Kurniawan, was expelled from the US …
Find out more about Folonari

Folonari. A family working in the name of Tuscan viticulture

From Chianti Classico to Maremma, from Bolgheri to Montepulciano, passing through Montalcino: Folonari winery is present in the most important terroirs of Tuscany …
Find out more about Pio Boffa

The wine world of wine mourns the passing of Pio Boffa, of Pio Cesare winery

Pio Boffa, one of the great names in the world of wine, has passed away. With his winery Pio Cesare he had brought …
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Foul weather. The frosts of April put a first glitch in 2021 production

Frost in early April came after a drought, putting many farms in trouble. Now the associations are asking the government to provide adequate …
Find out more about the enemies of wine

The real enemies of wine at the table

Let’s investigate the great enemies of wine, those foods that every enthusiast must limit in order to fully enjoy the flavour of wine …

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