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Over the last decade, the Marzotto family's historic winery has undergone decisive changes. The desire to highlight the attributes of the appellations on which the family operate has led them to alter the management style of the vineyards and the cellar, all with the aim of bringing together territorial expression and quality. If the vineyards are situated in many regional appellations (as well as neighboring Alto Adige), most of the winemaking is carried out in their modern cellar in Fossalta. The Prosecco Rive di Refrontolo '20 aptly expresses the attributes of their Mire (Refrontolo) vineyards. An elegant sparkling wine, it offers up aromas of apple and flowers that find further development across a crisp, sapid palate, all in perfect fusion with its fizz. The Impronta del Fondatore '20 (a South Tyrolean Pinot Grigio) proves even more interesting, revealing ripe, compact fruit adorned by flowers and smoky hints. In the mouth the grape's trademark fullness is tempered by a fresh acidity that lengthens and tempers the palate.

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