Indra Galbo

Billie Eilish opens a vegan Italian cuisine restaurant in Los Angeles

The new establishment, opened in partnership with her brother Finneas, and restaurateur Nic Adler, will focus on typical Italian flavours, although it's not yet clear which of the twenty regions will be most involved

Contrary to popular belief, mankind has not evolved because of the consumption of meat

Recent studies are questioning the correlation between human evolution and meat consumption. The German magazine Spektrum has sought the opinions of experts from various fields

A $20 Australian shiraz named the best in the world (and this time it's not a joke)

This time, fortunately, it is not a 2 euro piquette made from marc, the infamous “Château Colombier” that has been the talk of the town, but an actual wine produced in Australia that beat more than 580 other bottles from...

Eating among the olive trees. 10 addresses not to be missed amid nature and relaxation

The concept of oleotourism doesn't to stop at hospitality alone, but sees its ideal completion in fine dining experiences that allow guests to bask in natural and relaxing setting. Enjoying a good meal, surrounded by nature and olive groves stretches...

Oli d’Italia 2022: special awards. Masseria Il Frantoio

The new ways of valorisation of Italian "green gold" pass through the tourist destinations that have decided to hold high the flag of extra virgin olive oil. A necessary path in fascinating contexts where olive trees continue to be protagonists...

Oli d’Italia 2022 guide: Special awards. Elena Fucci

Often the communication and commercial enhancement of a quality extra virgin olive oil also passes through that of a good wine. In fact, the wineries that produce olive oil of the highest level are growing, refusing to relegate them to...

Monini turns 100 and celebrates in the name of sustainability and quality

The Sustainability Plan made by Monini for its 100th anniversary includes the planting of one million olive trees in 10 years with organic, controlled and tracked cultivation. Here's how.

Innovation and history of Greek extra virgin olive oil, plus figures and tasting notes

With over one million hectares planted and approximately 158 million trees, Greece is Europe’s third olive oil producer. Here’s a short analysis on the changes happening in the Greek extra virgin olive oil production. 

Domina IOOC, the winners of the international olive oil competition held in Palermo

347 labels hailing from da 19 different countries participated in Domina International Oliva Oil Contest. The last day of events, May 7th, 2017 awarded the best extra virgin olive oils on a world level. 

Martin Parr on food, an interview with history’s most desecrating photographer

His photos are impactful, with deeply saturated colour and an approach that’s diametrically opposite to classic gourmet photo canons.  His style is unique and recognizable, tending to food porn and indulging ironically on everyday foods, trashy included.
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