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How will the Italian wine industry fare in 2024: predictions from top brands and the revenue ranking

The economic performance of top Italian wine brands in 2023 resembles more of a slowdown when compared to the growth rates we were accustomed to

A vineyard on the airport roof. The project for Florence's International Airport

The Vinoly studio unveils an original project for the redesign of Florence's Amerigo Vespucci International Airport, blending aesthetics with Tuscany's winemaking tradition. The Amerigo Vespucci will feature a roof covered by 38 rows of productive vines, complete with cellars for...

Turning point in Prosecco DOC: additional geographical units on the way

New regulations to be approved by 2024. Also under consideration, a specific type for the Trieste Karst and innovations in labeling for producers and bottlers outside the designated area. Consortium President Stefano Zanette speaks: "The decline in 2023 is due...

Bitter Champagne: price increase lowers sales. And the French "betray" their bubbles with Prosecco and Crémant

A mixed balance for French bubbles, losing over 25 million units but performing better than pre-pandemic. The market is influenced by inflation, overstocking, and the French turning to other traditional method wines and Italian Prosecco.

A challenging 2023 for collectible wines. However, Italy withstands the crisis thanks to Piedmont wines, among the most beloved by wine enthusiasts

Double-digit losses for all Liv-ex stock indices. It hadn't happened in 10 years. The appeal of an overly expensive Burgundy is declining, while collectors turn to Bordeaux. Italy holds its ground thanks to Piedmont. Among the best-sellers, Champagne dominates.

The reputation of Prosecco Docg is growing. Its brand is stronger than Champagne and Franciacorta

The Ipsos survey for the Consorzio di tutela dell'Alta Marca Trevigiana reveals how the bubbles of the Unesco area are improving their positioning and image among consumers

UK. Increased wine production because of the climate crisis

In the period between 2004 and 2021, the UK, according to the researchers' work, saw its vineyards grow by 400%, from 761 to 3,800 hectares. Here are the details.

Grape harvest 2021. Spring frost, drought and summer hailstorms weigh on crops, but the outlook is overall good

The spring cold could affect yields, droughts in the South are preoccupying, but an excellent year is expected for Chianti Classico, Doc Sicilia, Salice Salentino, Frascati and Irpinia. In the north, with vineyards growing late, hailstorms increase. Good quality in...

Croatian Prošek 'threatens' Italian Prosecco. Minister Patuanelli: "Italy will defend its PDO".

Croatia is asking EU recognition for the name Prošek, the traditional Dalmatian dessert wine, but the designation is clearly at odds with the Italian Prosecco. And the Made in Italy sparkling wine industry is rising up in the name of...

Large wine companies appear to be on the upswing in 2021: Mediobanca’s report marks +3.5%.

First joint report by Italian bank Mediobanca, Italian export credit agency Sace and multinational market research and consulting firm Ipsos. Exports will drive business with high-potential target markets such as China, Canada and Japan. In the top 11 for turnover...
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