Lorenzo Ruggeri

There’s a surprising restaurant in Modena that we’ve missed for too long. And its 'gnocco fritto' is worth the trip

Gnocco fritto with cherry preserve, tortellini in broth, and plenty of pampering for the customer: our visit to Trattoria Bianca

We didn't understand a thing about Pecorino. The story of a wine that ages better than many reds

Forget immediate drinking, Marche's Pecorino needs time to tell us who it is. A historical vertical challenges all (our) certainties

Fermentation named Ferrari. Here are 8 sparkling wines that tell the changing icon of the Metodo Classico

Casa Ferrari is undergoing significant changes. We tasted in advance the flagship cuvées, from the Giulio Ferrari 2015 to re-editions full of emotion

"Enough with copying Champagne. Italy should work on its own identity." Unfiltered interview with Cyril Brun, new winemaker at Ferrari

The French winemaker recounts the beginning of a small revolution: going against the tide on dosage and very long yeast aging. "Pinot Noir? The origin of the problem lies in the clones; those used in Trentino are not the most...

The wine snobs overlook Campanian whites. But they're missing out

Are we really sure that to drink great aged whites, we have to head straight to Burgundy?

Marco Felluga, pioneer of Collio wines, has passed away at the age of 96

A true innovator, he founded and led two wineries that have made history in the region: Marco Felluga and Russiz Superiore

Five European red wines you must have in your cellar

There were over 5,000 producers on display at the 2024 edition of Prowein. We have selected five top-class reds, sourced from Germany, France, and Italy

Gangmastering among Barolo vineyards: Carabinieri's major operation: 40 irregular workers, nine precautionary measures

A new cycle of migrant exploitation has been uncovered among the rows that yield some of the world's most expensive and celebrated wines

João's Kombucha: the Brazilian trickster chasing his grandfather's dream

São Paulo to Montebelluna, one-way ticket. Brazilian music, colors, and flavors: kombucha as a cultural crossroads

Don't pass them off as sustainable, but wines aged at the bottom of the sea are more interesting than expected

The surprise of wines aged underwater. Storytelling is often annoying, but the effects on wine are real. Here are our tests
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