Lorenzo Ruggeri

How to build a contemporary wine list

From identity to surprise effect, here's how to build the perfect wine list.

Jan. 28 2021

Week of the Italian Cuisine in the world. Stefano Bacchelli, the chef who drives Chinese crazy with the ‘Italian duck’

Stefano Bacchelli is the executive chef of Da Vittorio Shanghai: here's his story.

Jan. 22 2021

Top Italian Restaurants Special Awards 2021

There are more than 700 venues of authentic Italian flavour listed in our Top Italian Restaurants guide. Here is the list of the special awards 2021.

Dec. 22 2020

Top Italian Wines Roadshow. The Cottini family and the 4 Cs

Looking for a good Amarone? Try the Amarone 2016 by Cottini's winery. It goes so well with polenta!

Dec. 11 2020

Top Italian Wines Roadshow. Agriverde, 30 years of organic wines

Founded by the Di Carlo family in the first half of the nineteenth century, Agriverde is a wine cellar located in Abruzzo. Here's its history.

Dec. 07 2020

Week of Italian Cuisine in the World. What is the Italian flavour?

We just celebrated the fifth edition of the Week of Italian Cuisine in the World and now it's time to talk about the true Italian flavour.

Nov. 27 2020


The format has developed appeals to instinct and belly, with a menu that makes you hungry just reading it. Cheeses and salumi (cured meats) come directly from small producers. Chianina beef is the star of the show: bloody, sliced, as ...Leggi altro

Nov. 13 2020
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