Fish and Tannins: the G7 clears the way for unlikely pairings

Jun 12 2024, 16:47
Blue lobster and Tignanello, cod and Brunello: the G7 menu in Puglia surprises

The pairings proposed for the lunches and dinners during the G7 in Puglia, where the heads of state of Italy, Canada, France, Germany, Japan, the United Kingdom, and the United States will meet, with EU representation by European Council President Charles Michel and European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen, are anything but classic. From June 14 to 16, they will gather at Borgo Egnazia and enjoy a high-level gastronomic offering, featuring famous wineries and cult wines. The unmistakable signature on the menu is Massimo Bottura's. Let's delve into his "Vieni in Italia con me," a tasting journey that celebrates the beauty of regional flavours in a comprehensive experience.

Borgo Egnazia overview


Ready, set, go

The hunger is broken with breadsticks and Metodo Classico from Ferrari and Bellavista, followed by "Pane e Pomodoro" (tomato ice cream and toasted bread with crispy bread and the inevitable gold leaf), a reinterpretation paired with the fragrance of Torre Rosazza's Friulano and the balance of Jermann's Vintage Tunina. Giorgia Meloni and Joe Biden will try the Adriatic fish soup (steam-baked: mussels, razor clams, blue crab, clams, red prawns, aromatic herbs) with two iconic whites: Marisa Cuomo's Fiorduva, an ode to the Amalfi Coast, and Masciarelli's Trebbiano d'Abruzzo Riserva Marina Cvectic.

Fish and Tannins

Here comes the surprise. Which glass accompanies the Sardinian blue lobster risotto with sea bass broth and citrus? None other than the 2021 Tignanello, one of the best versions ever. The choice is unusual, some sommeliers might frown, but it reflects a trend seen in restaurants: foreigners love to drink great red wines regardless of the dish being tasted, even if they are concentrated and structured like the Super Tuscan from the Antinori family. The second wine pairing for the fish risotto is also unconventional: Fontodi's Chianti Classico Gran Selezione Vigna del Sorbo. Another bold pairing is the cod from the Amalfi Coast with green olive, caper, and anchovy broth, paired with Casanova di Neri's Brunello di Montalcino Tenuta Nuova and Boschetto Campacci's Chianti Classico Ruello Riserva, where the tannin challenge will be delicate. The meal concludes sweetly with "OOPS I dropped the tart," a playful combination of Sorrento lemons, Calabrian bergamot, and Noto almonds. A sure pairing in this case: Donnafugata's Passito di Pantelleria Ben Ryé.

Tortellini & Lambrusco

The journey continues on the second day of meetings with undoubtedly less risky pairings. The wine tour of Italy continues with Marcalberto's Alta Langa and Villa Sandi's Cartizze. Among the starters, standout dishes include "Like a Pesto alla Genovese" (paired with Argiolas' Vermentino and Produttori Valle Isarco's Kerner) and "The Crispy Part of a Lasagna," an elaborate and mouthwatering dish paired with Volpaia's Chianti Classico Riserva or Masi Toar's Valpolicella Classico. Then, it's time for the tortellini (served with a light cream of Parmigiano Reggiano from Rosola). The homage to the Modenese territory will also be in the glass, with Tenuta Forcirola's Retrò (Cavicchioli), an 'experimental' wine: grapes fermented in amphora and ancestral refermentation in the bottle; also featured is Cantina della Volta's Lambrusco Rimosso, always with the rock rhythm of Sorbara. When Sassicaia is served, with Fassona beef from Piedmont with Barolo sauce and Abruzzese black truffle, the atmosphere will undoubtedly be more relaxed.

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