Etna Fever: the classic wines of the volcano

11 wines, 11 songs, 11 caresses of the volcano: here is a collection of some of the best Etna wines.

Mar. 05 2021
Find out more about Gabriele Gorelli and Masters of Wine

Italy is finally among the Masters of Wine thanks to Gabriele Gorelli

Italy for the first time finally has its own Master of Wine: meet Gabriele Gorelli.

Mar. 05 2021
Find out more about spaghetti and meatballs

Spaghetti and meatballs: history of the American dish whose roots are in Italy

How are the famous spaghetti Lady and the Tramp loved born? This is why spaghetti and meatballs are so famous in Italian restaurants in the United States.

Mar. 05 2021
Find out more about ramen

Japanese ramen: history and recipes to make it at home

Chinese by birth and Japanese by adoption, over time ramen has been enriched with ever new ingredients, enhancing the umami taste of the broth that characterizes the basic recipe. Today it is offered in many different versions, but traditional purists ...Leggi altro

Mar. 05 2021
Find out more about pistachio flour

Pistachio flour: properties, recipes and where to find it

Pastry chefs use it to prepare eye-catching desserts, chefs to enrich mouth-watering pastas and Mediterranean fish-based dishes. We're explaining how to use it in home recipes, taking inspiration from the great classics of Italian cuisine. Before turning on the stove, ...Leggi altro

Mar. 04 2021
Find out more about the Italian method

Everything you need to know about the Italian Method

Freshness, lightness and immediacy: Federico Martinotti's sparkling revolution.

Mar. 04 2021
Find out more about Ferrari and Formula 1

Ferrari Trento takes to Formula 1

In a moment of crisis and uncertainty, the Lunelli family raises the challenge and looks beyond. For the coming three years Formula 1 will celebrate the victories of the best pilots on the podium with a Jeroboam of Trentodoc.

Mar. 03 2021
Find out more about Italian gnocchi recipes

Gnocchi: history and classic Italian recipes to make at home

From Canederli from Trentino to pisarei from Romagna, here is a list of traditional Italian gnocchi to make at home. Better still if made on a Thursday.

Mar. 03 2021
Find out more about Alaska book

Alaska. The book on the epic and cuisine of the gold diggers

The history surrounding the gold diggers in Alaska and their food in a manuscript translated and published for Slow Food Editore. An exciting journey through the history of America and its cuisine.

Mar. 03 2021
Find out more about Mono in Edinburgh

Week of Italian cuisine in the world: Mono restaurant in Edinburgh

Mono in Edinburgh is the Emering restaurant of the Year in our Top Italian Restaurants guide. Let’s fly away from usual dishes and clichés

Mar. 02 2021
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