Find out more about Italian traditional vegan dishes

Veganuary. Naturally vegan: cruelty free traditional Italian dishes

Just think of spaghetti with tomato sauce, or with a simple garlic, olive oil and chilli dressing, polenta, focaccia alla Genovese. There's more: all the traditional Italian dishes that also happen to be vegan.

Jan. 24 2021
Find out more about agricultural enterprises

Young people are looking for the countryside. Boom of agricultural enterprises under 35

Young people seem to be very attracted by the countryside: here are the details.

Jan. 23 2021
Find out more about San Felice wines

Top Italian Wines Roadshow. San Felice: deep in history and looking to the future

Do you know the first Supertuscan of Chianti Classico? Here's a hint: it was born in 1968...

Jan. 22 2021
Find out more about the best food shops in Trastevere

Discovering the best food shops in Trastevere, Rome

Looking for a tasty break in Trastevere? Here is a list of the best food shops.

Jan. 22 2021
Find out more about the gardens of the grata in ostuni

Urban orchards and biodiversity in Ostuni, from the Middle Ages to the present

A legacy of medieval gardens that are now back to life and produce: here's the story of The Gardens of the Grata in Ostuni.

Jan. 22 2021
Find out more about Global Brooklyn book

Global Brooklyn, the book on the origins and success of contemporary style coffee shops

From Rio to Melbourne, by way of Cape Town and Mumbai: the new book by Fabio Parasecoli explains the development of the style of contemporary eateries, coffee shops.

Jan. 22 2021
Find out more about Da Vittorio Shanghai

Week of the Italian Cuisine in the world. Stefano Bacchelli, the chef who drives Chinese crazy with the ‘Italian duck’

Stefano Bacchelli is the executive chef of Da Vittorio Shanghai: here's his story.

Jan. 22 2021
Find out more about the advantages of the mediterranean diet

Week of Italian cuisine in the world. The advantages of the Mediterranean diet according to Luca Piretti

First of all grains, vegetables and legumes, followed by everything else. Some physical activity and rest are also needed: this is why it's important to reconsider the model of the Mediterranean diet.

Jan. 21 2021
Find out more about Restrictions and aid for Europe’s restaurants

The situation of the public sector in Europe: Fipe’s comparison on restrictions and aids

The Italian Federation of Public Exercises compiles a document that is the result of a comparative analysis between the main European countries on the situation in the restaurant sector in recent months. That’s what emerges

Jan. 21 2021
Find out more about gluten free crostata

Gluten-free crostata: recipes by famous pastry chefs

Crostata is a beloved dessert! Made with fresh fruit, jams or spreads, this classic dessert pleases everyone, young and old. Here are 5 gluten-free recipes.

Jan. 21 2021
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