Where to eat in San Candido, the best restaurants picked by Gambero Rosso

The town, in the limelight in recent years because it was here that the first five seasons of the hit TV series “One Step from Heaven” were filmed, is the ideal place for a relaxing holiday, at a slow pace,...

Where to eat in Vipiteno

In the circuit of Italy's Most Beautiful Villages, Vipiteno in the Upper Isarco Valley offers numerous attractions. On December 4th, the ski slopes of the Monte Cavallo area, just a few minutes from the town, will open, accessible via a...

In Milan there is a café serving speciality coffee where you can buy used books

One of those places where you come by and stay for hours without even realising it: the atmosphere is priceless, but the gastronomic offer is no less so

The best pastry shops in Bologna according to Gambero Rosso

Bologna: “the learned, the fat, and the red,” but also Bologna: “the sweet.” An itinerary through the top 8 pastry shops in the Emilia capital chosen by the Pasticceri e Pasticcerie 2024 guide

In Sardinia wine is also made in marble. The story of the winery (and its young winemaker) located at a stone's throw from the quarries of Orosei

This is not the first example we know of, already a year ago the Tuscan winery Fuori Mondo presented its red wine aged in large marble amphorae carved from the Apuan Alps. But the story of Marco Mossa, a young...

Milanese risotto, cassoeula, ossobuco. Here are the trattorias and restaurants of Milan and Lombardy deemed champions of tradition

Traditional cuisine holds a place of honour in the hearts of Milanese gourmets. Here are the five best interpreters of as many iconic specialities of the city's recipe book, rewarded as the Champions of tradition in the new guide "Lombardia...

The best value-for-money Nebbiolo wine from Valle d'Aosta according to Gambero Rosso

The award for the best value-for-money wine from Valle d'Aosta in the Berebene 2024 guide was given to a Nebbiolo. Here's more about it

Here's how Athens has become the window to the world of cocktails (in which Italy plays a major role)

The Greek capital is at the heart of mixology industry events. A well-established organisation, combined with a core group of knowledge-hungry bartenders and significant cocktail-dedicated venues, has been the key to success

The 16 best restaurants in Piemonte that prepare agnolotti del plin

Not to be confused with the square-shaped “gobbi” of Asti, plin are agnolotti closed with the 'pinch' (plin, in dialect), a stuffed pasta that originated in Langhe and spread throughout the region. Here are the restaurants that offer the best...

The best restaurants of Milan and Lombardy awarded by Gambero Rosso

Presented at the Osteria del Treno in Milan, the guide “Lombardia - Il meglio di Milano e delle altre province 2024”, which photographs all the best in every corner of the region. Here are all the new features, special awards...
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