Lorenzo Ruggeri

The contemporary sommelier

From curiosity to empathy, here is a list of the essential characteristics a sommelier should have.

Apr. 23 2021

Top Italian Wines Roadshow. Three Parcels to bring out the soul of Prosecco Superiore

When Prosecco Superiore is redolent of honesty and territory: the Three Parcels of the Bronca Sisters, i.e. Prosecco in its maximum splendour.

Apr. 06 2021

Bubbles as a lifestyle

It doesn't matter which one you choose: bubbles are always a good idea. Here are a few tips for the perfect pairing.

Mar. 15 2021

Etna Fever: the classic wines of the volcano

11 wines, 11 songs, 11 caresses of the volcano: here is a collection of some of the best Etna wines.

Mar. 05 2021

Everything you need to know about the Italian Method

Freshness, lightness and immediacy: Federico Martinotti's sparkling revolution.

Mar. 04 2021

Week of Italian cuisine in the world. No distance between Tokyo and Naples with a good pizza

Napoli sta’ ca’’ in Tokyo is the Pizzeria of the Year for the Top Italian Restaurants guide 2021

Feb. 26 2021

Top Italian Wines Roadshow. Pico Maccario doubles the stakes

The Barbera Specialist Winery relaunches the production challenge with acquisitions in the best crus of the Langhe to produce Barolo and Barbaresco

Feb. 26 2021

Week of Italian cuisine in the world. Rare as gold in Germany: Mario Gamba

Mario Gamba's Italian restaurant in Munich is a real gem of Italian cuisine in Germany. Here's the interview with the chef.

Feb. 09 2021

Top Italian Wines Roadshow. Two Barolo, two visions of the world, one story that intertwines

Fontanafredda and Casa E. di Mirafiore, two 2016Barolo wines compared

Feb. 05 2021

Cristina Bowerman: it’s with dry pasta that we recognise ourselves as Italian

Interview with Cristina Bowerman, President of the Ambassadors of Taste Association, ready for the new challenge in China. Her restaurant Glass is due to open in Xi'an.

Feb. 01 2021
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