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For almost a century Moretti has dealt in artisanal sodas (except for an interruption from 1987 to 2011), produced by Giovanni Passarelli in Cingoli (MC) using original recipes and sold under the Limori brand. There are the classic 1960s sodas ...Leggi altro

Dec. 17 2021


Alpenzu is a family-run, artisan food producer with well-established roots in Valle d’Aosta. It was founded in 2001, in Verres, with the aim of developing and promoting local gastronomic tradition. Then in 2009 it moved to a commercial area in ...Leggi altro

Dec. 17 2021


It was 1986 when the decision to embark on a new project led Osvaldo Bruni and his wife, Rita, to a farmhouse in the heart of the Capanne di Marcarolo Regional Park. And so BioBruni was born, an organic and ...Leggi altro

Dec. 17 2021

San Salvatore 1988 – La Dispensa

This Salerno producer draws on a 150-hectare property in the municipalities of Capaccio Paestum, Stio and Giungano. Owned by the Pagano family, it comprises several activities, from its wine cellars (which give rise to quality wines) to its orchards, excellent ...Leggi altro

Dec. 17 2021

Azienda Agricola Il Sasso

This family-run farm and dairy in Mugello (now on its third generation) breeds Sardinian sheep, produces raw-milk cheeses, ricotta and excellent yogurt, and distributes its products in Tuscany. A successful example of in-house production, the farm keeps its livestock on ...Leggi altro

Dec. 17 2021

Azienda Agricola Casati

This family-run dairy is situated in Brianza, surrounded by the greenery of the Curone Park. For over 40 years they’ve been producing high-quality cow’s milk, today transformed into fresh, semi-aged and aged cheeses, as well as yogurt, ice cream and ...Leggi altro

Dec. 17 2021

Fattoria La Frisona

The producer’s origins go back to 1934, when Antonio and Emma Colagiacomo started breeding Friesian cattle for their milk. Over the years, La Frisona started cultivating its own fodder (mixed meadows and grains) and began pasteurizing and bottling its own ...Leggi altro

Dec. 17 2021

Cascina Biraga

Once farmers and breeders themselves, Angelo and Stefano Fiorentini now process milk collected from local dairies attentive to animal welfare. The result is yogurt, fresh dairy products (ricotta, primosale, crescenza), aged cheeses, desserts, sorbets and ice creams in over 15 ...Leggi altro

Dec. 17 2021


Produce packaged ice cream that’s also artisanal: this was the challenge launched years ago by ice cream maker Stefano Ferrara, together with Flavio Di Gregorio (a doctor), and Daniele Frasca (entrepreneur). Their gelato is free of preservatives, eggs, gluten, soy ...Leggi altro

Dec. 17 2021

Ferioli Bio

Active in the world of egg production since the early 1950s, Ferioli Bio has always maintained high quality standards. The organic farm hosts Leghorn breed hens with white plumage. About 7,200, hens fed mainly on maize, supplemented by soy, alfalfa ...Leggi altro

Dec. 17 2021
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