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Week of Italian Cuisine in the World: discovering the kitchens of Italy’s historic residences

On the occasion of the Week of Italian Cuisine in the world, ADSI virtually opens the ancient kitchens of 25 historic Italian residences, to invite the Italian and foreign public to discover the places that have handed down the nation's ...Leggi altro

Nov. 24 2020

Green light for the Week of Italian Cuisine in the World in the name of Pellegrino Artusi

The Week of Italian Cuisine in the World is a week of virtual and in-person events, menus and ad hoc dinners, putting centrally the value of post-Covid nutrition as the protagonist. Here are the details.

Nov. 20 2020

ColleMassari. Winery and Wines

ColleMassari was founded in 1998 when entrepreneur Claudio Tipa identified, in a little-known area of Maremma, the perfect place to make his life’s dream come true. In little more than two decades it’s become the headquarters of one of Montecucco’s, ...Leggi altro

Nov. 13 2020

Vini d’Italia 2021. Excellence and trends of a record issue guide

Over 46,000 wines were tasted by several commissions, in the regions and then in Rome for the finals. The highest number of Tre Bicchieri ever assigned and many Due Bicchieri Rossi, which by a hair didn't make the podium. The ...Leggi altro

Nov. 12 2020

Peasant breakfast at dawn on the farm. The flavours of the earth strike a blow: we exist, don’t kill us

Marco Ceccobelli, host of the agriturismo farmhouse il Casaletto in the Viterbo countryside, organises a peasant breakfast to turn the spotlight on the difficult restaurant situation. Here's how it went.

Nov. 03 2020

Da Cesare al Casaletto in Rome. One of the best trattorias in Italy

Perfect as far as execution, simple menu, fruitful in the wine cellar: Da Cesare al Casaletto in Rome, new recipient of the Tre Gamberi recognition in the Rome Gambero Rosso Guide.

Nov. 02 2020

Street food in Rome: traditional street eats

Bakers, kiosks, psnini joints: Rome guards many small places dedicated to street food, which here plunges its roots in the most ancient history. Here is a list of the must street foods of the Eternal City

Nov. 01 2020

Ciboperlamente. Food delivery has inspired Zanichelli, bringing words for those hungry for culture

The Ciboperlaamente project us a cultural delivery service that will take shape in seven Italian cities, illustrating the beauty of the Italian laguage, through its etymology. The project borrows dynamics and timing from food delivery. That's why we like it.

Oct. 31 2020

Dol Fish in Rome: delivery service operated by Dol brings home fish from the Lazio coast

The latest project born in the Dol HQ is the brainchild of Vincenzo Mancino. Dedicated to fish and seafood in a moment of duress for the supply chain. The initiative promotes sustainable fishing and consuming seasonal products, bringing home good ...Leggi altro

Oct. 30 2020

The 2020 Map of food at home in Italy: boom of food delivery

While the most ordered items are pizza, burgers and sushi, online orders for gelato and poke are growing exponentially, This is how food delivery in 2020 is panning out according to a map of home delivery in Italy compiled by ...Leggi altro

Oct. 29 2020
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