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Wine Vault is here, a safe for precious bottles in the heart of Milan

Access is allowed only with a security code and each storage unit, including rooms and lockers, has a lock with a password held by WineTip managers. Here's the new wine vault in Milan.

Aug. 24 2021

Savoury breakfast: ideas and recipes for the healthy morning meal

From the classic and international Croque-Madame/Monsieur combination to the more Italian red pizza, passing by the healthy yogurt and granola. 4 recipes for a savoury breakfast.

Aug. 02 2021

Cortile Arabo in Marzamemi opens a Champagne bar, where you can imbibe feet in the water

A place with a unique style and a welcoming atmosphere, where you can stop and sip a good glass with a view of the sea. In Marzamemi, Cortile Arabo is an address to pin down for the summer.

Jul. 30 2021

Malga Alta Carnia in Sauris: Affinage of raw milk cheeses as a high-altitude mission

In the small village of Sauris, at an altitude of 1,200 meters, there is one of the few companies specializing in the affinage of raw milk cheese, whose echo has also reached haute cuisine. The name is Malga Alta Carnia ...Leggi altro

Jul. 30 2021

What are Hard Seltzers, fizzy beverages so loved by the USA

In the United States there's already a surge in sales, in Italy they have yet to catch on. This is how Hard Seltzers, i.e. flavoured "non-beers" are made.

Jul. 29 2021

The plight of Germany’s Ahr wine growers. Here’s how to help them get back on their feet

The damage is concentrated in the western region of the Eifel range, particularly in the lush valley of the Ahr river. Here's how to help Germany's wine growers.

Jul. 29 2021

5 no-cook summer desserts to make at home

Puddings and cold cakes are a godsend when you have guests over but no desire to turn on the oven. Here are summer desserts you can make without baking.

Jul. 27 2021

Apricots: nutritional properties, benefits and recipes

One of the world's largest apricot producers, Italy boasts many varieties throughout the peninsula. Let's get to know the queen of jams better and discover a new way to use it, thanks to bartender Nicola Mancinone.

Jul. 26 2021

Sting opens a pizzeria and wine bar on his estate Tenuta Il Palagio in Figline e Incisa Valdarno

Sting and his wife Trudie Styler bought an estate in the green hills of the Chianti area some years ago, where they produce wine, oil and honey. Now a pizzeria and wine bar made their appearance there.

Jul. 22 2021
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