Gambero Rosso

The 3 best ice cream parlors in Parma chosen by Gambero Rosso

There are three ice cream parlors in Parma awarded by our latest Gelaterie d'Italia guide. One has received the Tre Coni, the highest rating

The Barolo Consortium relies on "screw cap" Sergio Germano. Among the issues to be resolved is the shifting of vineyards to the North

The producer will lead the protection body in a very delicate phase. On the table is the proposal to modify the regulations on which the newly elected has always been very critical. In March, he presented his Barolo with a...

The 12 best Passerina from Marche, Abruzzo, and Lazio selected by Gambero Rosso

Passerina, a white grape variety mainly found in Marche and Abruzzo, lived in obscurity for many years until it was rediscovered by some winemakers. Here are the labels we liked the most

The 8 best wines from Lake Caldaro chosen by Gambero Rosso

Schiava is one of the most widespread black grape varieties in Alto Adige, from which wines like Santa Maddalena or Lake Caldaro are obtained. Here we focus on the best expressions of the latter

"Michelin star? I'm not interested anymore, but haute cuisine is also that of the trattoria." Interview with Diego Rossi of Trippa

Tradition, starred cuisine, climate emergency, creativity, and nutrition: a chat with the king of offal, Diego Rossi of Trippa, who tells us his thoughts on where the restaurant industry is heading and how it's possible to write a new Italian...

Plenty of substance and no frills: near the Parioli area in Rome, there is one of the most authentic Roman trattorias

Mr. Emilio and his wife Italia took over this trattoria in 1970. For over 50 years, he in the dining area and she in the kitchen, they have welcomed customers with the typical simplicity of straightforward and popular places

"This is how our great-grandfather invented Tenerelli." The story of the Mucci family from Andria who has been producing sugared almonds for 130 years

Mr. Giovanni, son of Nicola, managed the company for decades before passing the reins to his children and grandchildren. Today, the fourth generation of Mucci manages the confectionery

The story of the Italo-American restaurant where US presidents decide the destinies of the world toasts with amaretto

The Chiacchieri family, who emigrated decades ago to the heart of Washington, tells Gambero Rosso the story of their establishment, Filomena Restaurant, famous for its "abundance" of portions and kitschy decor. Beloved by the Clintons, as well as Biden and...

In Milan, an Ecuadorian and a Cuban open Enoteca Shiua

Opening in via Solari in Milan, a new wine bar that will offer only natural wines and for those who do not like wine, organic juices. Daniel and Yelines, on their first venture in hospitality, will try to change the...

All the Milanese restaurants that deserve a Michelin star (and why they still don't have one)

A journey through the city's eateries that, according to foodies, are often better than some sporting the coveted macaron badge. From Bu:r to Gong, from Moebius to Trippa
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