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Gender equality. Interview with Pina Amarelli Mengano

For the column dedicated to women by the Gambero Rosso Foundation, today we are interviewing Pina Amarelli Mengano.

Dec. 02 2021

Cocktail of the month. Spirito Felix by Natale Palmieri

"Spirito Felix'' is an all-day drink: a spicy, fresh and soft gin sour. Its roots are in what is still called Campania Felix, a region whose land is rich in culture and traditions. Here's the recipe.

Nov. 24 2021

Grappa. Exports are on the rise in 2020, but production is down

According to Istat data relating to 2020, AssoDistil reports that there was a 13% increase in exports for Italian grappa. Here are the details.

Nov. 23 2021

Made in Italy export: in 2021 the agriculture-food sector is about to break another record

The first quarter of 2021 saw an increase in exports close to 20%, giving Italy precedence over the performance of other G7 countries. Here are the details of the agricultural food export.

Nov. 23 2021

‘La mia pizza autentica’, the new book by Franco Pepe

Franco Pepe: his path and his pizza finally in a book by Gambero Rosso. From the beginnings to the birth of Pepe in Grani, from the Sala Authentica to new projects.

Nov. 19 2021

Wine of the month. Franciacorta Extra Brut Animante by Barone Pizzini

The winery was among the first in Italy to make environmental sustainability a key part of their production approach: here's Barone Pizzini with its Franciacorta Extra Brut Animante.

Nov. 19 2021

Villa Bibbiani. 1,300 years in the name of biodiversity

1,300 years of history in the name of biodiversity. Villa Bibbiani is much more than a winery, much more than an estate. We have to go back to the Middle Ages to trace its origins: the earliest records date back ...Leggi altro

Nov. 16 2021

Mango: properties, nutritional values, recipes

To understand if you like it or not, you have to taste it: describing the flavour of the mango is (almost) impossible. On its properties, however, the consensus is unanimous. Read on for a primer on how to choose, appreciate ...Leggi altro

Nov. 11 2021

Seasonal fruit and vegetables in November: what produce to buy

It's still time for pumpkin and mushrooms, but the first cruciferous greens are also hitting the market, along with artichokes and fennel. Fortunately, beloved chestnuts hold fast. Here's what to put in your shopping cart in November.

Nov. 04 2021

The best signature street food by Italy’s greatest chefs

Pizza, sandwiches, fried food, and then pasta with tomato sauce, empanadas, fish. It’s all set to be enjoyed on the go as well. The best signature street food dishes in Gambero Rosso's Street Food 2022 guide.

Nov. 02 2021
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