Top Italian Food

Baked goods ● Beer ● Charcuterie ● Cheese ● Chocolate ● Coffee, tea, infusions ● Condiments: salt, spices, herbs ● Dried fruit ● Extra virgin olive oil ● Flours, pulses, cereals ● Honey ● Liqueurs, syrups, distillates ● Mushrooms, truffles ● Natural food ● Pasta ● Patisserie ● Preserved fish ● Preserves, jams ● Rice ● Vinegar ● Water, beverages, fruit juices

This guide is an essential tool for food lovers, but especially for those industry professionals who want to promote the best of 'Made in Italy', a cause that's more important today than ever before. Now in its fifth edition, and available online for the first time, Top Italian Food & Beverage Experience is the only industry guide that reports on more than 1,340 outstanding producers..., all available to export a range of high quality products. Browsing through the online guide, you'll discover 1,060 of them, divided by category: vinegar, charcuterie, cheeses, extra-virgin olive oil, sweets, preserves and bottled produce, pastas, rice, honey, chocolate, flour, legumes, grains, coffee and much more. They are small and medium-sized businesses, solid and well-developed, with production volumes that allow them to expand into foreign markets—in short, rare pearls. There are, of course, the historic brands as well, more than 280 of Italy's largest companies, names known throughout the world. And last but not least, we mustn't forget the consortia and agricultural associations listed, producers of fresh fruit and vegetables. Show more

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