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Antica Tonnara di Favignana di Antonio Tammaro

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mercoledi pomeriggio e domenica; sempre aperto in estate


If Antica Tonnara di Favignana went from being a small shop to a full-fledged business that exports the world over, it's thanks to Antonio Tammaro, who in 1985 began producing fish preserves according to traditional artisan methods. Cutting and curing is still carried out by hand, while respecting the latest hygienic standards. The fish used comes directly from the Mediterranean and is extremely fresh. A wide range of products are offered: primarily tuna, mackerel, anchovies, sea bass, cod, grouper, swordfish and amberjack, though there's also fish roe, sauces and condiments. Products can be purchased online.


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mercoledi pomeriggio e domenica; sempre aperto in estate
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