Antica Tonnara di Favignana di Antonio Tammaro


A business with a long history behind it, Antica Tonnara di Favignana produces fish preserves following traditional artisanal methods and sells them under the Tammaro brand. Manual processing is carried out by experts, all while respecting cutting-edge hygienic standards. Their main goal is to bring out the quality and authenticity of fresh Mediterranean fish, the basis for all their work, in the most appropriate way. The entire range of products, which comes packaged in glass bottles, is enticing, from tuna (proposed in different cuts and sizes) to mackerel, anchovies, sea bass, cod, grouper, swordfish, amberjack and specialty foods, like fish roe and pâtés. Then there are their delicious sauces … you’re spoiled for choice. Purchases can be made online. Gift boxes are available. 

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