Rome has its own lavander field: here is the corner of Provence where you can have a drink

Jun 16 2023, 08:26
It opened very recently, but soon it will be possible to organize parties and aperitifs on hay bales surrounded by lavender. In the meantime, food truck specialties are being tasted with the Lavender Festival.

It opened June 10, 2023 Rome's Il Lavandeto (lavander field), a corner of Provence in the capital created by Francesca De Iuliis, a former sales manager in the construction industry. A few kilometers from the Ardeatina exit of the Gra, near the Sanctuary of Divine Love, it is now possible to stroll among the beautiful lilac expanses, but also participate with children in educational workshops and buy products made with lavender essential oil (aperitifs will soon be organized).

The Lavandeto in Rome, between yoga classes and essential oils

A space dedicated to relaxation, dominated by officinal lavender, but also offering the opportunity to observe different plants such as white or blue lavender. Yoga classes, pilates, in the future also the possibility of organizing private parties: this is the program of the Roman summer at the lavandeto, a place where you can find thermal pillows, candles, scented bags, herbal teas and many other products perfect as gift ideas. One could not expect otherwise from an agricultural entrepreneur com la De Iuliis, who comes from a family of farmers and has been working on this project since 2021. Ample space is devoted to children, with a 500-square-meter area with wooden games and entertainment and workshops. The lavender bloom does not last long, so at the end of July the plant will be harvested to produce more essential oil, but the lavandeto may reopen later for organized events and evenings.

Food trucks and the Lavender Festival

Among the specialties for purchase are also herbal teas and chocolate, but that's not all: during the Lavender Festival (June 17-18 and June 24-25) there will also be food trucks with sweet and savory dishes, such as those of Le Cuoche Cuocarine, which offer home cooking, with flavors of yesteryear. People will eat in the equipped area, which in the coming weeks will be home to sunset aperitifs with lavender products. A natural remedy for anxiety, insomnia, and poor digestion, lavender can be used in the kitchen in many ways: to flavor fresh bread, for example (just like they do in Provence, with the delicious herb-filled filoni) or to flavor white meats, fish, as well as fruit and honey. From parfaits to sorbets, from English creams to ice creams, to jams and cakes: every preparation becomes even more inviting when enriched with lavender seeds and flowers.

The Lavandeto of Rome - via G.G. Mendel, 120 -

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