Best breakfast bars in Milan

Oct 2 2023, 16:00
Italian-style croissants and French croissants, bread butter and jam and filter coffee: here’s a guide to Milan’s tastiest breakfasts

Historic signs in the city are many. Elegant bars where you can stop for a cup of coffee while disgorging a cream brioche: places like Cucchi, Sant'Ambreous, Scaringi, Cova, Biffi... the go-to spots for breakfast in Milan. But over time many other addresses have gone on to conquer the palate of the meneghini: here's a list of bars not to be missed in the morning (historic cafes aside).

Where to have breakfast in Milan

Alain Locatelli – Colazioni & Gelato

It is one of the hottest breakfasts in town at Alain Locatelli's. The constant queue gives due credit to the quality of the work of the talented pastry chef with Swiss-Bergamo roots. Only the best ingredients for his French-style viennoiserie, which captivates with its execution and gluttony. A masterpiece croissant and pain au chocolat, not to be outdone the snails, the perfect kouign-amann, the salted caramel knot. Also worth trying are the quadrotti with seasonal fruit (above all, the one with blackberry compote, from the family garden). Well-made espressos and cappuccinos. Open only in the morning.

Alain Locatelli – Colazioni & Gelato – viale Coni Zugna, 9 - Instagram @alainlocatelli

Bar Paura

Bar Paura is located on Via Bonvesin della Riva, which thanks to the Sidewalk Kitchens project is now Milan's bustling street food street. Among the bar's big stars are the beans from Ialty coffee, a micro roastery from the Langhe region, which result in well-made espressos and filter coffees. There are croissants, pain au chocolat, bread and jam, toast, and a mouthwatering banana bread with peanut butter. It has already become iconic then Cuore, the 3½-inch thick croissant to be filled with jam or hazelnut cream from Mara dei Boschi.

Bar Paura - Via Bonvesin de la Riva, 3 -Instagram @barpaura

Clèa Pasticceria Culinaria

The queue outside is the most eloquent sign of the success of Cristian Ratkovic and Gaia Zucchini's establishment. As many as thirty references at breakfast, which shine in lightness and taste, including croissants, cruffins, maritozzi, signatures such as Torpedo or girelle bread butter and jam. On weekends (and by reservation) the, cubic croissant in mouthwatering fillings, from vanilla cream and salted caramel to porchetta or cheese and avocado. The breads and savories are good as well (a real treat is the croque monsieur cacio e pepe). To accompany, artfully decorated espressos, filter coffees and cappuccinos from excellent specialty beans.

Clèa Pasticceria Culinaria – via G. Boni, 25 -

Flagship Store Lavazza

Recently renovated in both aesthetics and style, the Lavazza Flagship Store, a stone's throw from the Duomo, is a great address for coffee lovers. It offers a wide choice in terms of single-origins, blends and preparations, including the new Signature Cappuccino, enriched with a particularly rich-textured milk cream, also available in Pistachio and Orange variants. Top of the line are the specialties of the 1895 line, such as the excellent Cocoa Reloaded, a blend with a chocolate aroma and hints of cinnamon and orange. To complete the offer, from breakfast to snack, the sweet line is entrusted to pastry chef Marco Pedron, who always amazes with his Crioche, also in XL version.

Flagship Store Lavazza – Piazza San Fedele, 2 –


Greens & Sweets is the motto of the multifaceted project (bar, bakery, deli and store) set up by three clear-minded partners. A healthy vision, attention to the environment and selection of suppliers are the cornerstones around which the inviting proposal revolves. Amazing breakfast cakes and pastries such as croissants, pain au chocolat, baulus with almond cream, raisins and pineapple puree, persimmon and chocolate knots (try the savory ones as well). To drink excellent espressos and cold brew, as well as kombucha, and organic juices.

Fola – via L. Varanini, 12 -  


An offer inspired by the flavors of Sicily that never disappoints. A must at breakfast is a taste of brioche col tuppo, the undisputed stars of the place, which also leaves room, however, for maritozzi and cornetti (also in vegan version) but also almond pastries and pistachio delights. For those who prefer sideboard cakes, there are excellent plumcakes. In support is a good coffee shop, which also offers single origins and different extractions, from espresso (good) to filter coffee, cold brew and summery cold variations. Other location at 2 Fiamma St.

Gelsomina – via Carlo Tenca, 5 -  Pasticceria Gelsomina

L'ile Douce

A place that last year set up a brand-new lab, offering ever-improving sweet and savory offerings. The rich viennoiserie is French-inspired, but express breakfasts can also be made on request, as in a hotel. Not to be outdone is the coffee section, including espressos and cappuccinos, specialty coffees, cold brews, and cold specialties such as slow-infused leaf teas.

L’ile Douce – via Luigi Porro Lambertenghi, 15 - 

Loste Café

A cafeteria with a Northern European flair born at the hands of Stefano Ferraro and Lorenzo Cioli, both with a past on the Noma team. Minimal ambiance and kindness behind a counter displaying excellence, translated into irresistible yeasts for doughs and fillings, cinnamon rolls, cruffins, pain au chocolat and cookies. Competent work on coffee, including espressos, cappuccinos, filter, flat white and cortado. New location at 204 Varesina Street, in the Certosa District.

Loste Café – via Francesco Guicciardini, 3 -


Enclosed in a cozy, well-kept space-where every detail matters, including the saucer and cup services-the souls of bar, pastry shop and bistro coexist in perfect harmony. The Campanian tradition is paid homage and revisited just enough, so Malìa is the perfect place to bite into a good sfogliatella. The coffee and caramel Venetian and the cornetto with ricotta and red fruits are also excellent.

Malìa – viale Legioni Romane, 55 - 


It was born in Cesenatico and then landed in Milan to bring some of the conviviality of the Riviera Romagnola to the Lombard capital as well. You can come to Marè at any time of the day: breakfast includes a very extensive menu, ranging from croissants to pancakes, from cakes to pan brioche with butter and jam, as well as various types of toast and yogurt with fresh fruit and cereal. For the hungry, English and American Breakfasts are perfect. Smoothies, fresh centrifuges and an excellent coffee shop complete the offerings.

Marè – Ripa di Porta Ticinese, 67 -


Getting the day off to the best start at Marlà's starts with a parade of yeast, which along with an espresso or a fresh spin gives one of the best breakfasts in town. One always chooses well from brioche, girelle, saccottini, fluffy iris with ricotta, pastries with voluptuous creams and fresh fruit. To drink, there are espressos and cappuccinos, which can also be paired with the renowned maritozzi, a favorite choice for those with a sweet tooth.

Marlà – Corso Lodi, 15 -

Nowhere Coffee&Community

Here the color pink characterizes everything from the furnishings to the take-out glasses. Welcome to Nowhere, a lively and trendy specialty (and microbrew) coffee shop-there are also books to read or vinyls to buy-where you come first and foremost for the coffee, thanks to the excellent Arabica single-origins to buy or enjoy in espresso, V60 filter extractions, aeropress, cold brew and many other variations. Then there's the kitchen, from which come interesting preparations for full-flavored breakfasts, brunches, lunches and snacks. Inspirations and recipes come from every corner of the world: the cinnamon and cardamom cannelés and buns are exquisite, while among the savory items the crumbled scrambled bomb, a very fluffy brioche stuffed with scrambled eggs and bacon, is all the rage. Much attention is paid to vegan and beverage offerings. Closes at 4 p.m.

Nowhere Coffee&Community – via Caminadella, 15 -  Facebook


A name that is a whole program, indeed a Manifesto. Lea Pedrinella and Lorenza Licciardello started this place where specialty coffees, food and wine are served with full respect for raw materials and sustainability. In the morning, the bakery and cafeteria take care of awakening the senses with sweet and savory croissants, such as the Veneziana with tonka bean custard or the savory Girella with potatoes and raspadura. For lovers of homemade flavors, there is also sourdough bread with butter and jam, and then omelets and vegan cakes.

Onest - Via Gerolamo Turroni, 2 -

Orsonero Coffee

Brent Jopson was among the first to bet in Milan on specialty coffees (it was 2016), deciding to open together with his wife Giulia, a pastry chef, this splendid little coffee shop. It is an all-wooden place, which thanks also to the courtesy of the service gives a warm and welcoming atmosphere. You choose from the blackboard on the wall, where the options in tasting are indicated: espresso, double, American, single-origin, flat white, cortado, pour over. The croissants and breakfast leavens are excellent, as are the slice cakes and pastries, mouthwatering and always fresh.

Orsonero Coffee – via Giuseppe Broggi, 15 -

Panificio Davide Longoni

The one on Via Tiraboschi is the first of the six signs under "pan-revolutionary" Davide Longoni. Of course, at the center of the offer is bread, first and foremost for daily shopping, but also the protagonist from the morning, with butter and jam or in shoku toast. For a wake-up call that tastes like home, sweets such as grandma's cupcake or coffee milk and cookies, to go with well-executed espressos, cappuccinos or filter coffees (from single-origin beans). The art of leavening finds beautiful expression as well in the selection of excellent pastries and leavened goods (croissants, cinnamon buns, turnovers), and in the pizzas, flatbreads, and quiches served for lunch alongside soups and salads. Bread, with various delicacies (from salami to butter and anchovies), also at aperitif time, washed down with wines and craft beers.

Panificio Davide Longoni – via G. Tiraboschi, 19 -


Under the motto of "Breakfast Revolution" now 11 years ago this venue revolutionized the way of understanding the bar. Since then only successes, always a lot of effort and research to confirm year after year one of the must-visit places in town. The strong point is the breakfast, with yeasts that have written Pavé's history, such as the Centosessanta, the Rossa and the pain au chocolat, but everything here is worth trying, including the other sweet offerings (including vegan) and the double baked croissant with almond frangipane, apricots and cardamom syrup. Chai lattes, filter coffees, flat whites, espressos and cappuccinos are available. Other locations (with dedicated formats) on Commenda Street, Battisti Street and Cadore Street.

Pavé – via Felice Casati, 27 -

Starbucks Reserve Roastery

The Piazza Cordusio location is one of the few Starbucks-branded Reserve Roastery locations in the world. A 2300-square-meter space designed to pay homage to coffee and its devotees, where you can find high-quality Arabica beans, the roasting of which can be followed every step of the way on the mezzanine floor of the premises. Drinks are then sampled at the Main Bar: syphon, pour-over, espresso, cold brew and clover brewed are among the options to experience. The partnership with Princi allows it to be accompanied by a good assortment of sweet and savory baked goods.

Starbucks Reserve Roastery – Piazza Cordusio, 3 -


A modern-style pastry shop with a proposal marked by the quality of the ingredients and the precision of the preparations, made in the large workshop adjacent to the premises and partially on view. Brioche and croissants are made to perfection and also available in vegan versions. Space to sit  inside is limited to a counter along the storefront; alternatively, you can choose the large outdoor area under the trees where you can enjoy a relaxing break.

Sugar – via Vincenzo Monti, 26 -



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