Gambero Rosso

Rare Wines, two pearls from Serdiana and Ventotene

Discovering Pandataria, the only still wine produced by Candidaterra on the tiny island of Ventotene, and a Malvasia, macerated on the skins, by Tenuta Faragò, in one of the most suitable areas of Sardinia: Serdiana, in the province of Cagliari

"We talk about Valdobbiadene around the world because Prosecco is not all the same"

Foreign markets reward the company from Farra di Soligo, which increases its presence outside national borders. Stefano Pola, owner of Andreola, tells us about his 2022 and anticipates the moves for this new year.

Tollo, Abruzzo out to conquer the world

The historic Abruzzo cooperative doesn’t look like it’s going to stop and goes on to conquer foreign markets recording beyond positive performances. The secret? Authenticity and high quality without having to break the bank

Rare Wines: two full-bodied reds amid ancient Etruscan sites and high-altitude vineyards

In this episode of Vini Rari - Rare Wines we connect the highland viticulture of the Umbria winery Tenuta Baroni Campanino with the new cru of Rocca di Frassinello in Tuscany

The complete guide to steam cooking

If your goal is to preserve the nutritional properties of the ingredients, steaming, typical of oriental cuisine, is the way to go. Here are a few recipes to make at home.

Rare Wines, lit by the lighthouse

Few hectares, great quality. In this episode we tell you about two rare wines that look out over the Strait of Messina; we are within the Faro appellation, between nocera and francisa grape varieties. We get to know two flag-bearers...

Rare Wines. A collection-worthy Brunello and Amarone

Our journey continues with Vini Rari - Rare Wines, the Guide to wines produced in no more than 3,000 units. In this episode, we explore two of Italy's most celebrated wine territories through two collectible Rare Wines: a Brunello di...

Christmas recipes. Christmas eve dinner ideas

Christmas eve is finally here. Here are a few ideas for tonight's dinner.

Rare Wines in the name of sweetness: Zibibbo and Moscato Rosa

Two rare and precious meditation wines worth of an exceptional experience. Two sweet wines from opposite ends of the Italian territory: one produced in Ustica (Sicily), the other in Alto Adige.

The Yule log. The sweet tradition of the Christmas tree trunk

The ritual is widespread mostly in Scandinavian countries and Northern Europe, while the dessert recipe has also landed in Piemonte: the Yule log is a roll of biscuit dough stuffed with jams, spreads, fresh cream and fruit.
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