Coco Pazzo

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29 years of quality and experience. Chef Federico Comacchio brought a welcome breeze of innovation to Coco Pazzo. His origins in Lodi, in Lombardy, give him a special feeling for the foods of that region. His mother, he said, was a traditional homemaker with a passion for out of the ordinary foods. A masterful risotto expresses all its potential flavor, but so does the pumpkin ravioli, at the same time sweet and savory. Each of Federico’s dishes showcases the character of the fresh ingredients at its heart. Both traditional and contemporary, they artfully represent the best of Italian food to the outside world. Bitter and sour, sweet and salty flavors are balanced. We recommended tagliolini neri, wood roasted octopus with potatoes, olives, capers, tomato and duck liver pate. Service is impeccable thanks to the professional, well-established staff in the dining room. A superb wine list offers selections from all Italy’s regions, with an outstanding focus on Sangiovese.

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