Gambero Rosso

Rare Wines in the name of sweetness: Zibibbo and Moscato Rosa

Two rare and precious meditation wines worth of an exceptional experience. Two sweet wines from opposite ends of the Italian territory: one produced in Ustica (Sicily), the other in Alto Adige.

The Yule log. The sweet tradition of the Christmas tree trunk

The ritual is widespread mostly in Scandinavian countries and Northern Europe, while the dessert recipe has also landed in Piemonte: the Yule log is a roll of biscuit dough stuffed with jams, spreads, fresh cream and fruit.

Hot chocolate: history, recipes, variations

Hot chocolate is the most famous winter comfort beverage. What are its roots, however? And how has it been spreading in Europe? Here are several recipes for making it at home..

Rare Wines. Sardinia and Sicily featuring old vineyards and mountain viticulture

The protagonists of this episode are two fascinating and multifaceted wines from Mandrolisai and Etna, two great territories of southern Italy that, however, look from above the entire Mediterranean. Discover the two wines and who produces them.

Zero waste Christmas. How Italians can recycle pandoro and panettone leftovers

Abundant lunches and sumptuous dinners set the pace of Italian Christmas. But a lot of food, inevitably, is left over: here is an anti-waste recipe.

Rare Wines. One way ticket to Cortona and Manduria

Stefano Amerighi and Gianfranco Fino. In this episode we tell you about their two enchanting riservas, which interpret in a profound and articulated way two great red wine territories: Cortona and Manduria

Virtuous Roots

With Radici Virtuose - Virtuous Roots starts a three-year program that has Gambero Rosso supporting four protection consortia for the promotion of the splendid Puglia and Salento territory. The project, financed by Mipaaf, is aimed at the regeneration of the...

All the Italian chocolate pralines you need to try at least once

Perfect as a Christmas gift, chocolate pralines are one of the best treats of all time: here are the traditional ones from Italy.

Tenuta Travaglino in Calvignano since 1868

A medieval monastery transformed into a manor house in the heart of Oltrepò Pavese: here is the history and project of Tenuta Travaglino winery.

Rare Wines. Franciacorta to the rhythm of pinot nero

Two signature Blanc de Noirs, fruit of great grapes and a very long ageing in the bottle: Franciacorta Extra Brut Pietro Camossi Riserva 2011 by Dario and Claudio Camossi and Franciacorta Dosaggio Zero 2013 by Maurizio Rossi
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