Michela Becchi

In Milan there is a café serving speciality coffee where you can buy used books

One of those places where you come by and stay for hours without even realising it: the atmosphere is priceless, but the gastronomic offer is no less so

In Milan, there is a temple for pastéis de nata, the beloved Portuguese pastries

Anyone returning from Portugal with a newfound addiction to pastéis de nata can rest assured: excellent ones can be found in Milan

The best tea rooms in Palermo to warm up in winter

With a steaming cup held in your hands, a smile appears even on the grayest afternoons. Here's a selection of tearooms to try in Palermo

Typical Italian sandwiches: the most famous regional variations

Italian tradition boasts numerous sandwich recipes, each with its own history. Here are the sandwiches to try at least once

The hidden bakery in a village an hour away from Rome, a paradise for French croissants

They are young, passionate, talented, free-minded, and open-eyed. This young couple from Ciociaria has opened a unique bakery in a small village

Arrosticini conquer New York, the Abruzzo dish is the new trending street food

The meat is Made in the USA, but the technique and spirit are 100% Abruzzese. That's how young Tom Costa introduced arrosticini to Americans

From Formula One engineer to pastry chef, the artist who brought French croissants to Melbourne

Leaving a secure job and change one's life, for the love of croissants. That's what Kate Reid did, an Australian pastry chef who transformed the way people eat breakfast in Melbourne

Countermand! The coffee in Naples is not good

Despite being a foundational myth of Neapolitan culture, the espresso napoletano often serves a coffee that is almost always burnt and made from low-quality blends. With few exceptions, the specialty coffee trend has yet to take off in the “City...

From offal to hot dogs. Where to eat the best sandwiches in Milan

You never get tired of sandwiches, the most easy and delicious lunch break ever, the snack typical of day trips and the unquestionable king of all street food. In Milan, furthermore, sandwiches are have a cult following. Where to eat...

The best tea rooms in Florence for a signature snack

Few but good: in the Tuscan capital, authentic tea rooms offer a unique experience. Here are the not to be missed spots
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