Michela Becchi

Soy, teriyaki and hoisin: history and uses of Asian iconic sauces

Soy sauce is popular all over the world, teriyaki is fundamental in the Japanese cuisine, and hoisin sauce is the main ingredient of delicious Peking duck. Here are the best ways to use these sauces in the kitchen.

Seasonal February produce: what to buy

This month’s seasonal fruits and veggies offer taste, benefits and many recipes to try out. Here’s our February grocery list.

How to prepare the perfect Italian aperitivo: charcuterie board, cheese and drinks

Aperitivo is one of the top deep rooted habits in the Italian culture, a pre-dinner drink with some snacks meant to whet your appetite. Here’s how to make it at home.

3 deep-fried desserts for Italian Carnevale

Ever heard of castagnole? They are a typical Carnevale treat in Italy, together wit other fried sweet products. Here are 3 unmissable recipes.

History and recipe of Swedish kanelbullar (cinnamon roll)

The famous sugar and cinnamon swirl made in Sweden is the perfect treat to start the day. But how did it become popular? Here is the history.

Italy told in 10 traditional biscuits

From Tuscan cantucci to Sardinian pabassinas, here is a selection of 10 unmissable Italian biscuits.

Winter recipes to warm you up on cold nights

The best way to keep cozy indoor? Food, of course. Here is a list of 10 dishes to try this winter.

Breakfast: 5 ideas for the weekend

Having breakfast is something you should never give up. Here are a few delicious recipes to start the day.

Chinese New Year. Typical dishes to ring in the Year of the Rabbit

With folklore, games, traditions and red envelopes, Chinese New Year reserves great space for the dinner table: here are the must try dishes

A new vegan Italian cuisine: 5 recipes to try according to a famous influencer

Sarahjoyce is a famous Italian vegan influencer that can “veganize” any traditional Italian dish, from carbonara to lasagne. Here are 5 recipes from her first book.
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