Michela Becchi


Laureata in letteratura inglese, dopo tre anni trascorsi a Londra torna a Roma per il Master in Comunicazione e Giornalismo Enogastronomico della Gambero Rosso Academy. In forze al Gambero Rosso dal 2015, lavora principalmente per il sito internet versione italiana e inglese, ma collabora anche con le guide e il mensile. Assaggiatrice di olio extravergine di oliva, appassionata di caffè, ha una predilezione per le tematiche ambientali, le tradizioni gastronomiche e il riciclo creativo in cucina. Piatto preferito: pane e olio.

Donuts: history and curiosities about American fried donuts

From artisanal to industrial production, by way of legends and folktales: here's all there is to know about the legendary American donuts.

Mar. 08 2021

Spaghetti and meatballs: history of the American dish whose roots are in Italy

How are the famous spaghetti Lady and the Tramp loved born? This is why spaghetti and meatballs are so famous in Italian restaurants in the United States.

Mar. 05 2021

Gnocchi: history and classic Italian recipes to make at home

From Canederli from Trentino to pisarei from Romagna, here is a list of traditional Italian gnocchi to make at home. Better still if made on a Thursday.

Mar. 03 2021

Pizza scima, the Abruzzo yeast-free pizza recipe

Fast, easy, very tasty: pizza scima is the perfect bread product for a last-minute dinner. This is how this Abruzzo specialty was born.

Feb. 25 2021

Waffles+Mochi, Michelle Obama’s Netflix series dedicated to healthy nutrition

Eating healthy is essential in childhood and the former first lady knows it well: champion of well-being, Michelle Obama is now back on Netflix with a series dedicated to nutrition.

Feb. 25 2021

Moreno Cedroni launches his Orto Marittimo in Senigallia. For the restaurant and for the community

Orto Marittimo is a space planted with aromatic herbs on the Senigallia seafront. It feeds kitchens but also restores beauty to the marine landscape of Marzocca, as it was until the 1960s. Moreno Cedroni's idea takes shape.

Feb. 24 2021

Italians at the coffee bar: regional variations and the traditions of espresso coffee

Corretto, lungo, ristretto, but also on ice, Fano-style, Padua-style... voilà the expressions of coffee in Italy.

Feb. 16 2021

Savoury pies: ideas and recipes to make at home

From French quiche appreciated by royalty, to the Umbrian torta al testo once baked on terracotta plates, here are the most delicious savoury pies you can make.

Feb. 15 2021

Beef Wellington: history and recipe of an iconic dish

Today it is famous mainly thanks to Gordon Ramsey, but beef Wellington has much older origins, dating back to the nineteenth century.

Feb. 13 2021

Mobile chicken coop in Trentino. Here’s how it works

A chicken coop on wheels that moves as the hens run out of fresh grass to peck: the winning idea of a young entrepreneur from the Trentino Anselmi farm

Feb. 12 2021
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