Michela Becchi


Laureata in letteratura inglese, dopo tre anni trascorsi a Londra torna a Roma per il Master in Comunicazione e Giornalismo Enogastronomico della Gambero Rosso Academy. In forze al Gambero Rosso dal 2015, lavora principalmente per il sito internet versione italiana e inglese, ma collabora anche con le guide e il mensile. Assaggiatrice di olio extravergine di oliva, appassionata di caffè, ha una predilezione per le tematiche ambientali, le tradizioni gastronomiche e il riciclo creativo in cucina. Piatto preferito: pane e olio.

Epiphany: the typical products of the Feast of the Befana

Sweet rolls, cookies and puff pastry camels: what is traditionally eaten on January 6 in Italy.

Jan. 05 2022

Donuts: history and curiosities about American fried donuts

From artisanal to industrial production, by way of legends and folktales: here's all there is to know about the legendary American donuts.

Jan. 04 2022

Shortcrust pastry: history, recipes, variations and confection tips

Delicious, simple, suitable for many recipes. In a word: perfect. Here's everything you need to know about shortcrust pastry.

Jan. 01 2022

Fortune cookies: history, origins and success of the Japanese treats

We first came to know them through American films, then in the Chinese restaurants of Europe. But the famous cookies containing prophecies are actually a Japanese specialty. Here's the whole story.

Dec. 30 2021

Breakfast in Ecuador: bolón de verde, humitas, empanadas de viento

Peruvian gastronomy is now famous and appreciated all over the world, but other Latin countries have a lot to offer in terms of fine food. In Ecuador, for example, the local diet is tasty starting from the morning meal. Here ...Leggi altro

Dec. 29 2021

History of English puddings and the food historian and British cuisine expert

An immoderate passion for British cuisine led Regula Ysewijn to dedicate several books to it. The latest one published in Italy is all about a speciality that tells the country’s history: pudding.

Dec. 27 2021

Candy cane: History and legend of red and white Christmas sticks

The J-shape of Jesus, the stripes that represent a coded language... what's really behind the famous American candy canes?

Dec. 23 2021

The Italian Christmas fruit? The mandarin, of course

A palate cleanser, an excellent source of vitamin C and a versatile ingredient in the kitchen, mandarin can also be a tombola marker at Italian Christmastime.

Dec. 23 2021

Befana stocking stuffers

Every Italian child has eaten them at least once. Here are three Befana stocking stuffer ideas.

Dec. 21 2021

Italian Christmas: 3 pasta recipes

From tagliatelle to ravioli, Christmas in Italy brings with it a good amount of homemade pasta. Here are 3 delicious recipes.

Dec. 19 2021
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