There's a dessert that's conquered Naples and it's not the Sfogliatella

May 29 2024, 15:14
A comforting, sweet, and refreshingly cool bite: the "fiocco di neve" (snowflake) is the treat we didn't know we needed nine years ago

To appreciate the "fiocco di neve," you need a somewhat childlike taste, or perhaps a great thirst, because the milk and ricotta cream inside refreshes like few other things during a sunny stroll. However, this doesn't mean it's a simple dessert: it’s simple, nostalgic, delicate, and creamy, just as a child would love. In a few years, it has actually conquered everyone, becoming an integral part of Neapolitan pastry, on par with the sfogliatella or the babà: its majesty, the "fiocco di neve," imitated by many but perfectly crafted only by Poppella.

Fiocco di Neve, the soft pastry of Naples

Raffaele Scognamillo and Giuseppina Evangelista – known as Papele and Puppnella – started baking in the 1920s in the Rione Sanità. They created the Poppella brand, a fusion of their names, but it wasn't until the third generation, led by Ciro, that the "fiocco di neve" was born. Ciro also opened a second shop on Via Santa Brigida, in the heart of the city, making the family name famous with this leavened ball filled with fresh sheep milk ricotta and milk cream: a perfect little brioche for any time of the day, to accompany a cup of coffee or enjoy on its own. There are other versions now, with chocolate or pistachio, but the original remains unbeatable.

The new dessert of the City

A delicious, simple, and affordable treat: €1.50 for a generous and indulgent taste. The dough is soft and melt-in-your-mouth, the filling is rich and flavorful: purists of the sfogliatella might not prefer it over the classics of the Campanian repertoire, but the "fiocco di neve" surely deserves credit for adding a new specialty to Neapolitan tradition. So much so that many pastry shops have started replicating the recipe, rightfully earning it a place among the most beloved desserts of Naples.

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