Where to eat authentic Piadina Romagnola in Riccione: the best places chosen by Gambero Rosso

Jun 1 2024, 13:25
The capital of the Romagna nightlife scene is unjustly considered a gastronomic victim of a certain type of tourism, often deemed cheap and careless. Nothing could be further from the truth. Here are three must-visit spots to enjoy piadina

Under the sun of Riccione, you can eat better than you might expect. The nightlife capital of Romagna, alongside Rimini, is often unfairly labeled as a gastronomic victim of a certain type of tourism that is cheap and careless. This couldn't be more wrong: alongside places with a less than commendable quality/price ratio, there are gems worth noting, especially when it comes to piadina, the star of any time of day, in any form and filling. Here are three must-visit spots.

Where to eat Piadina Romagnola in Riccione

Kalamaro Piadinaro

With options from land and sea, classic and sweet (try the one with squacquerone and figs from Bagnacavallo), there are about thirty varieties of piadine available with different doughs, including multigrain, burnt wheat, classic, and spelt, as well as cassoni, and even homemade first courses – tagliatelle included – and second courses. This friendly and tidy place ensures you eat well and comfortably.

Kalamaro Piadinaro - v.le M. Ceccarini, 134 - 0541 1831860 - kalamaropiadinaro.it

La Piada di Kino

Located in a place that once housed a photography lab, this spot now features a counter and tables, but above all, passionate and attentive people dedicated to their ingredients and preparation. There are two types of dough: Type 1 flour with lard and wholemeal with extra virgin olive oil, both made from tender wheat from Montefeltro and Valmarecchia, stone-ground. The fillings are varied and creative, including porchetta, burrata, and sun-dried tomatoes.

La piada di Kino - v.le Dante, 255 - 392 7774826 - lapiadadikino.it

Piadineria Da Romano

For thirty years, this has been "the" piadina of Riccione. A kiosk near the beach – be prepared for a queue – offering a wide range of fillings: prosciutto, arugula and squacquerone, herbs, sausage and stracchino, and even fish. There are a few outdoor seats, but people come here solely for the piadina, large and well-layered, and for the cheerful and characteristic atmosphere.

Piadineria Da Romano - v.le Gramsci, 69 - 327 4040244 - Facebook

cover photo La Piada di Kino

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