There is an international bakery in the heart of Naples offering cinnamon rolls, plated breakfasts, and brunch

May 22 2024, 13:36
From breakfast to aperitivo, and even after-dinner drinks: Posca is a versatile venue with multiple facets located in the city centre

While there are many places in Naples offering good breakfasts, sometimes you might not feel like having a sfogliatella or a cornetto. In such cases, you can head to Via Port’Alba, in the city centre, to a small bakery with an international vibe. Posca is a pastel-toned, carefully decorated, and welcoming spot with friendly service: a different format for the city, active from morning to evening with contemporary offerings.

Posca, the Naples bakery where you can stop at any time

It was opened two years ago by Roberto Mastrangelo, Richard Glenn Kiley, and Adriano Campolongo, partners of House in Naples, a project of diffuse hotels started in 2014 with various accommodations, including guesthouses and B&Bs. “The bar is located right in the middle of our various locations, and the bakery also serves breakfast to our hotels,” explains Roberto. They inaugurated it in June 2024, aiming to offer something new to the public: “We didn’t want to compete with renowned names or traditional classics, so we focused on the bakery formula.” For breakfast, for example, they offer cinnamon rolls, pancakes, waffles, brioches, brownies, cookies, and American cakes like carrot cake or red velvet.


Plated breakfasts and aperitifs

They also have “typical continental breakfast recipes,” especially egg-based dishes like eggs benedict, or savoury pancakes with avocado and poached eggs. Everything is made in-house, and the patisserie also includes single portions, special occasion cakes on request, cream and fruit tartlets, cupcakes, biscuits, and macarons. “Sometimes we even experiment with Neapolitan traditional flavours, combined with modern preparations.” In the evening, it becomes a go-to spot for a cozy and tasty aperitif, with platters, frittatas, and the famous empanadas filled with local ingredients “like friarielli or aubergines.”

It stays open until late at night, with a well-thought-out drink list and a good selection of wines. When the weather permits, you can sit outside, otherwise, you can enjoy the warm and pleasant atmosphere inside. “A small place with a lot inside” reads the sign… and Posca is indeed a little world to discover.

Posca – Napoli – via Port’Alba, 16 -  

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