Pasta frittatine, crocché, and gateau: there's a vegan deli in Pozzuoli worth visiting

May 22 2024, 16:59
Who said that giving up meat means also giving up the traditional flavours? This shop in Pozzuoli recreates them all in a plant-based way

Cooking without excuses. This is the slogan of Meravoglia Veganeria Napoletana, a 100% plant-based deli, butcher, and mini-market in Pozzuoli, Naples. Because eating well without animal products is possible, and now there are many alternatives. These, in particular, are homemade by Salvatore Vicario, who has been experimenting with creating plant-based meat and fish for ten years.

The vegan deli in Pozzuoli

The Veganeria opened in 2021 near Caserta but has been in Pozzuoli for a year with a new format, "which, in addition to meat alternatives, offers specialties of traditional Neapolitan cuisine, as well as counter and pantry products." Burgers, steaks, sausages, tuna, wurstel, meatballs, but also cheeses, cold cuts, pasta, and preserves, and then pasta frittatine, crocché, potato gateau, aubergine parmigiana, and lasagna, "a real house speciality that is always popular." Salvatore recreates all the classics of the Neapolitan repertoire in a plant-based way: "I’ve been vegan for years and I know how important it is to keep the memories and habits of childhood, which is why I opened this deli."

Handcrafted plant-based meats

The key word is craftsmanship: "I don’t use flavourings, just simple ingredients, all the meat is made from pea protein, except the steak which is soy-based. For flavour, I use spices and herbs, nothing else." Unlike most plant-based burgers sold in supermarkets, which are unfortunately ultra-processed, there are no emulsifiers or additives here, "a bit like an old-fashioned shop, just without animal products."

It’s a great novelty for Pozzuoli, and customers seem to be responding well: "I’ve noticed an increase in demand, especially from locals who contact us for supplies of plant-based meat, which they buy fresh every day." Pubs, restaurants, and pizzerias in the area and beyond (for example, Miunz Miunz biOstrot in Monopoli or Al Pachino pizzeria in Rome) are among the clients. There are no tables to eat at the Veganeria, but a nice pasta frittatina with sausage and friarielli freshly heated can be enjoyed even while standing. And if you still have doubts, let the kind owner advise you: the atmosphere of a classic shop is guaranteed here.

Meravoglia – Veganeria Napoletana – Pozzuoli (NA) – via Alfonso Artiaco, 61 -  

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