Where to buy the best Focaccia di Recco

May 24 2024, 15:38
If you happen to be at the Focaccia di Recco Festival this weekend, don’t miss these fantastic spots

It's no surprise that it enjoys PGI (Protected Geographical Indication) recognition: Focaccia di Recco is a true Ligurian specialty, a thin and crispy dough oozing with creamy cheese, delicious when enjoyed warm. On Sunday, May 26, 2024, the annual Focaccia di Recco Festival will take place: here are the best addresses to buy this delicacy in the Genoese town.

Where to Buy Focaccia di Recco in Recco

Panificio Moltedo dal 1874

For many, this is the best focaccia in all of Recco: it’s really hard to find it this good outside the town’s borders. Not to mention, besides the classic version, the historic bakery also offers focaccia pizzata, a variant with tomatoes, olives, capers, and oregano. Focaccias are baked throughout the day (except during the post-lunch break). The bread and other products like farinata, pizzas, and Genoese focaccia are also excellent.

Panificio Moltedo dal 1874 – Recco – via XX settembre, 2 - facebook.com/PanificioMoltedo1874/?locale=it_IT

La Baracchetta di Biagio

A charming spot, simple and enjoyable by the sea, located within Recco’s marina. It’s an excellent place to enjoy the most typical specialties of this maritime town, especially famous for its cheese focaccia, but also for the broader Genoese and Ligurian traditions. One of Biagio’s specialties is fried focaccine with cheese, usually served as starters.

La Baracchetta di Biagio – Recco – via Marinai d’Italia, 3


A local landmark for any type of focaccia, from the classic Genoese to the one with pesto. The queen of the counter, of course, is the cheese focaccia, succulent and generously seasoned, well-baked, and melting in the mouth. A guarantee for lovers of traditional flavors, where you can stock up on many typical local products.

Tossini – Recco – via Biagio Assereto, 7 - facebook.com/Tossini.T1/

Da O Vittorio

One of the most famous focaccias in Recco is at O Vittorio, an establishment with over a century of activity. Light and overflowing with delicious cheese, it’s said that over the years the focaccia has even won over the palates of numerous celebrities visiting Recco. What’s certain is that once tasted, it’s hard to resist.

Da O Vittorio – Recco - via Roma, 162 - facebook.com/ristorantedaovittorio


A standard-bearer of this century-old tradition is Manuelina focacceria, in operation since 1885. Originally a rest stop tavern on the road to the city, in the economic boom years after the mid-20th century, the restaurant became a reference point in the Ligurian gastronomic scene, thanks to the entrepreneurial skills of its then-owner, Gianni Carbone, who promoted Focaccia di Recco.

Manuelina – Recco – via Roma 296 - manuelina.it/

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