Michela Becchi

Where to eat in Val d'Orcia, the best restaurants

From Castiglione d'Orcia to Pienza, via Montalcino: a taste of typical Val d'Orcia cuisine

Naturally lactose-free cheese, here’s what to buy

Lactose intolerance does not mean totally giving up all types of cheese. Yes to gorgonzola, asiago, fiore sardo, taleggio and many other specialities

Where to have breakfast in Catania: the best bars

Granita and brioche is the winning combo here, but in the bars of Catania you can also find croissants, fried Iris pastries, and many typical pastries for a fine breakfast, And for those who prefer starting the day with something...

Where to eat in Rocca Calascio and Santo Stefano di Sessanio, the best restaurants in the Abruzzo villages

Two magical villages with a very special atmosphere. The cuisine is traditional, solid and delicious.

The best lampredotto sandwiches to eat in Florence

Always the favourite street food of Florentines, the lampredotto sandwich is a must for a bite of authentic Tuscan cuisine. Here is where to find the best

Homemade coffee. 7 tips for perfect espresso made with the moka (and Napoletana) pot

Espresso made with the moka pot by Bialetti continues to the a favourite of many Italians, who also prefer it to the cups extracted at the coffee bar. However, to brew it right, we can’t just rely on tradition: we...

In Dresden you can visit the world's most beautiful cheese shop

Surviving two world wars, visited by thousands of visitors each year, this old cheese shop boasts unique charm

Where to eat supplì in Rome: the best in the nation’s capital

Crisp and gooey with a melted cheese heart, the supplì remains the favourite street food of Romans and tourists alike, seeking a tasty snack. The best in town? Here’s our ranking

Where to eat the best pizza fritta in Naples

The symbol of local cuisine, the most popular street food ever, pizza fritta is a product of humble origins. Here is where to find the best in Naples

In London there is a bookshop with a kitchen where you can try out recipes from the books for sale

A gourmet reader's paradise, a peaceful corner that holds niche cookbooks, where you can also stop to taste dishes inspired by the latest published books. The beautiful story of Books for Cooks in Notting Hill.
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