Michela Becchi


Laureata in letteratura inglese, dopo tre anni trascorsi a Londra torna a Roma per il Master in Comunicazione e Giornalismo Enogastronomico della Gambero Rosso Academy. In forze al Gambero Rosso dal 2015, lavora principalmente per il sito internet versione italiana e inglese, ma collabora anche con le guide e il mensile. Assaggiatrice di olio extravergine di oliva, appassionata di caffè, ha una predilezione per le tematiche ambientali, le tradizioni gastronomiche e il riciclo creativo in cucina. Piatto preferito: pane e olio.

Grocery shopping sans plastic: loose product stores in Rome

Not a trend of the moment (plastic-free, is on everyone's lips), nor a passing fad: in starting to rethink our way of shopping is now necessary. Here's where to buy in Rome.

Jun. 03 2021

Where to eat supplì in Rome: the best in the eternal city

Crunchy and melty, supplì remains a favourite street food of local Romans and tourists looking for a delicious snack. Where to eat the best? Here is our ranking.

Jun. 01 2021

Sdijuno. The secret of the centennial Abruzzo peasants is their mid-morning meal

A rich snack, able to bring sustenance to men and women during hard work in the fields. History and tradition of the Abruzzo native "sdijuno," the 11 o'clock meal.

Jun. 01 2021

Origins, history and legends of British pubs (now reopening indoors)

In the United Kingdom there is nothing better than spending the evening at the pub, whether to taste the local cuisine or simply to go for a beer with friends. But how did these pubs come into being? Here's their ...Leggi altro

May. 31 2021

Where to eat the best babà in Naples

Each pastry shop has its own secret recipe, many artisans make modern versions, others remain faithful to tradition. In any case, the babà pastry in Naples is a serious thing: here's where to buy the best.

May. 27 2021

Family bar in Italy: breakfast and snack places to visit with the kids

Partly playrooms, partly cafes, family bars are favourite places for parents to enjoy a good snack while their children play or are engaged in recreational activities. Here are not-to-be-missed addresses.

May. 26 2021

Babà: history and legend of the Neapolitan sweet born in France

Strange but true, the babà has its roots in Lorraine and owes its origin to a Polish ruler in exile. The story of the most beloved cake of Naples.

May. 25 2021

Dining surrounded by greenery in Rome: 4 spots to try out

With its many parks and villas where you can stroll or stop for a picnic, Rome is a city plenty of green spaces. In many cases, however, there are real restaurants ready to satisfy every need: here's where to eat ...Leggi altro

May. 24 2021

Shortcrust pastry: history, recipes, variations and confection tips

Delicious, simple, suitable for many recipes. In a word: perfect. Here's everything you need to know about shortcrust pastry.

May. 24 2021

Farmers’ markets in Rome not to be missed

Fruit and vegetables, preserves, fresh pasta, baked goods, cheese: at Roman farmers' markets, many are the excellent local products presented directly by the producers. Here is a selection worth visiting.

May. 20 2021
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