Michela Becchi


Laureata in letteratura inglese, dopo tre anni trascorsi a Londra torna a Roma per il Master in Comunicazione e Giornalismo Enogastronomico della Gambero Rosso Academy. In forze al Gambero Rosso dal 2015, lavora principalmente per il sito internet versione italiana e inglese, ma collabora anche con le guide e il mensile. Assaggiatrice di olio extravergine di oliva, appassionata di caffè, ha una predilezione per le tematiche ambientali, le tradizioni gastronomiche e il riciclo creativo in cucina. Piatto preferito: pane e olio.

Kombucha: what it is and how to make it

Considered an elixir of life, kombucha is a fermented tea-based drink with roots in ancient times. Here are its history and modern varieties.

Nov. 04 2021

Pulled pork. History, recipe and where to eat it

Southern United States’ most popular dish has become a real favourite in Italy too. History, recipe and places to eat pulled pork.

Nov. 03 2021

World breakfasts. Morocco: msemen, baghrir, mint tea

Not just couscous: in Morocco even breakfast boasts special recipes, which are the result of the different cultural contaminations that have shaped the identity of the country. Here are the country's morning specialties.

Nov. 01 2021

All Souls’ Day in Italy. Desserts and typical products on 2 November

It may not be as folkloric as the American Halloween, but All Souls’ Day is very popular in Italy and, like all self-respecting celebrations, it is honoured with unique specialities.

Oct. 28 2021

World breakfasts. Russia: bread and kolbasa, blinis, syrniki

Russian cuisine is multifaceted, but in the morning the dishes that unite the different areas of the country are almost the same, both sweet and savoury. Here are the breakfast specialties and a blinis recipe.

Oct. 27 2021

Vegan cuisine glossary: products for the pantry

Interest in plant-based nutrition is increasingly growing, but how can we replace some of the products? Here are all the vegan hacks.

Oct. 27 2021

Spelt, barley, millet, oats, rice: discovering grains

Excellent in winter soups but also in summer salads, grains are rich in nutrients, versatile and delicious.

Oct. 27 2021

Día de los Muertos. Traditions, curiosities and typical products of the Day of the Dead in Mexico

A colourful, music-filled festival is held in Mexico every 2 November to remember the dead. With offerings, sweets and laid tables, food plays a prominent role.

Oct. 26 2021

Halloween: history, recipes and traditions of the witch festival

Halloween is one of the most spectacular and funny American holidays, but its tradition hides a spiritual and ancient soul. 31 October’s history and typical dishes.

Oct. 25 2021

World Pasta Day 2021. Photos on social media to donate a hot meal to the neediest

Thanks to the help of pasta makers, 300,000 meals will be donated to Caritas on the occasion of World Pasta Day. But anyone can contribute by posting a photo on social media.

Oct. 21 2021
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