Michela Becchi

Reducing meat: 5 tips to eat more plant-based food

It is time to rethink our diet and introduce more vegan food in our daily life. Climate change is real and we can all help fighting it with a few actions. Starting at the table.

All about cherries: types, flavors and the recipe for a perfect cherry pie

It's impossible to resist cherries. Among the best summer fruits of all the time, cherries can be used in different recipes: here are a few tips to make a good cherry pie.

Friselle: history, origins, variants and recipes of quintessential summer lunch

Among the fresh dishes preferred by Italians in the summer are friselle. Crispy donut shaped crackers topped with tomatoes or other ingredients: here are some ideas.

Fruit and vegetables of the month of July: the produce to buy

No month better than July can share all the goodness of the countryside: here is the produce to buy, plus tips for their use in the kitchen.

Drip coffee: what it is and how to make a V60

Elegant and aromatic, perfect to enjoy at home, the drink gets its name from the 60-degree angle created by the cone’s shape. We asked a coffee expert for advice on how to make the perfect cup.

Summer cooking. Three vegetarian recipes to try this weekend

A caprese salad in summer is always a good idea, but have you ever tried tomatoes bruschetta? Here are three recipes for this weekend’s menu.

Summer drinks: 4 refreshing cocktails and punches for your aperitivo

Staying cool in the summer heat is not easy. That’s why a good and fresh drink can always come in handy: here are 4 ideas for the perfect aperitivo.

Shepherd's pie: origins, history and recipe of the British pie

Minced meat, Worcestershire sauce and lots of mash potato: these are the elements for the typical English "shepherd's pie", a unique mouth-watering dish that will win everyone's palate. Here's how it came about and how it's done.

Coffee beverages for the summer: ideas for making them at home

From classic Lecce-style coffee to Vietnamese cà phê đá: ideal recipes for enjoying coffee even on the hottest days.

Food and film. Goodfellas, dinner in prison and Mama Scorsese's pasta sauce

A sauce that tastes like home, even if they are in prison, the secret of the goodfellas to keep going in prison. Here is Scorsese's sarcastic portrait of cuisine.
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