A family from Salerno has opened a patisserie in Turin that makes fried croissants

Jun 6 2024, 15:36
For breakfast, it excels with bow-shaped croissants and pain suisse, but the patisserie also offers an excellent lobster tail pastry

The Piscitella family hails from San Marzano sul Sarno, "the land of tomatoes." Simone is the latest heir of this family of "generational pastry chefs," and today he is running the Turin shop that bears their name, which opened in mid-2022 with the aim of showcasing "authentic Campanian patisserie, presented in grand style."

Piscitella: Campanian Patisserie in Turin

After a series of ventures in Campania and their first adventure under the Mole with other partners, "from whom we later parted ways," the Piscitella family was ready for a place of their own in the Piedmontese capital: "We want to carry on the tradition, but with great attention to aesthetics. The pastries we make are the classic ones, just less baroque."
Ricotta and pear cake, lemon delight, and then the legendary lobster tail pastry, "one of our flagship products, which we garnish with lots of fresh seasonal fruit." Not forgetting the essential Ischian croissant, "a double dough made of brioche and puff pastry, giving a different chew compared to the classic Italian croissant."

Fried croissants and bow-shaped croissants

Breakfast is the highlight of this patisserie, which, for now, does not offer aperitifs or savory products, "just a few pastries." In the morning, there are pain suisse, pain au chocolat, croissants, and for a few months now, the Papillon, a bow-shaped croissant "which required many experiments," crispy on the surface "just like a pain suisse" and filled with vanilla custard and gianduia spread. But the true standout is the fried croissant, overflowing with cream, "the product that made us known here in Turin: we are in a central but not busy area, yet the response has been very positive." After all, who can resist the allure of a fried treat?

Piscitella – Torino – via dell’Arsenale, 34 - instagram.com/pasticceriapiscitella/?hl=it

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