The best porchetta sandwiches in Umbria

Jun 24 2024, 12:37
The most delicious sandwich there is the one with porchetta, and in Umbria, it's a religion: here's where to find the best ones

Undoubtedly, the true street food of Umbria is the porchetta sandwich, a tasty meal that's impossible to resist. The meat is seasoned and cooked differently depending on the area, but it's always tender and incredibly flavorful: delicious on its own, but even better in a crunchy sandwich. Here's where to taste the best in the region.

The best porchetta sandwiches in Umbria

Serafino’s Porchetta

Serafino Mazzocchi’s porchetta has no rivals in the area. Whether it's due to the very delicate Spoleto recipe or the succulent and flavorful meat, the small shop in Protte is definitely worth a stop. This place offers a simple yet authentic menu: homemade porchetta and artisan-cured meats by the owner.

Serafino’s Porchetta – loc. Protte, 99 -

Chiosco della porchetta

For those who know Alessandro Granieri's wood-fired porchetta, one of the best you can taste in the region, it's hard to resist stopping by. At the kiosk in Piazza Matteotti in Perugia (or at the store in Florence), you can enjoy it pure or in the most delicious variations. Starting with the "Capoccia" sandwich, with porchetta and salsa verde, to the "Grifo," with porchetta, melting provolone, and spicy sauce.

Chiosco della Porchetta – Perugia – Antica Salumeria Granieri – piazza Matteotti Chiosco -

Bottega di Perugia

A young and lively place where you can enjoy sandwiches filled with the quintessence of Umbrian artisanal production. Located in a central and bustling square frequented by university students, the menu features sandwiches stuffed with cooked or cured meats, various cheeses, and the indispensable porchetta: the essentials that make the difference. Recommended are the "Gnorante," with capocollo, pecorino, and mushrooms, or the "Guasto," with salami, peppers, and Tabasco.

Bottega di Perugia – Perugia – piazza Francesco Morlacchi, 4 -

Porcellino Divino

The Cambiotti family understood that the secret of a successful shop is a serious offering, linked to the territory and, above all, of high quality. In addition to delighting a large clientele with excellent porchetta, here you can taste stuffed sandwiches, torte al testo, and focaccias with homemade vegetables, cheeses, and artisan-cured meats. Vegetarian sandwiches are also available.

Porcellino Divino – Santa Maria degli Angeli (PG) – via Los Angeles, 44 -


Among the untouchables in porchetta making, the name of the Natalizi family, in business since 1966, stands out. A true vocation, made of knowledge and selection of raw materials, care in handling the meat, and skill in seasoning and cooking it in the wood-fired oven. In the small town of Grutti, Natalizi has become a reference not only for cured meats and excellent porchetta but also for "cicotto," a real delicacy for those who love the less noble parts of the pig: ears, trotters, and shank.

Natalizi – Grutti (PG) – Piazza Umberto I -

Porchetta di Costano

Working with pork in Umbria is serious business, both culturally and technically. In this respect, the Lunghi family remains one of the regional references for porchetta production. Sixty years of experience serve to produce succulent, flavorful meat seasoned to perfection with aromatic herbs. The workshop is in Costano; for tastings, you will find this kiosk in the square of Bastia (or visit the local markets in nearby towns).

Porchetta di Costano – Perugia – piazza Partigiani, 24 -

Porchetta di Grutti

Mauro and Luca Benedetti passionately and competently handle the production of porchetta, carrying on the family tradition. They are present at festivals, events, and markets: all appointments are listed on their website. Besides porchetta, you can also taste cicotto made with all parts of the pig.

La porchetta di Grutti – Grutti (PG) – via del Monte, 36 -

Norcineria Massatani 1913

In the heart of Foligno, a shop that combines local products with a highly enjoyable catering formula. Gastronomic preparations at the counter (the field herb-filled rocciata is a must-try), porchetta, cheeses, and, the flagship, artisan-cured meats. A visit to the cellar is recommended, where local history and artisanal production perfectly intertwine.

Norcineria Massatani 1913 – Foligno (PG) – piazza Don Michele Faloci Pulignani, 36 -

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