Where to eat the best Panzerotti in Bari

Jun 9 2024, 13:37
Fried crescents to be enjoyed piping hot, with tomato and mozzarella or other local delicacies: here are the unmissable panzerotti in Bari

Focaccia, olive trees, enchanting beaches... and panzerotti: as much a symbol of Puglia as burrata and pumi, these stuffed and fried turnovers are a delight to eat while still hot, even at the risk of burning yourself. The base is a leavened dough filled with tomato and mozzarella, but there are now many variants to try in Bari: here are the best panzerotti in the city.

The best Panzerotti in Bari

La Casa del Gusto Panzerotteria

Golden, succulent, perfectly made (just the right size) and with carefully selected ingredients, they are a must-try in all their many variants: from the traditional tomato and mozzarella to the provocative "brasciola" (veal roll) with sauce and caciocavallo cheese. The panzerotto stuffed with turnip tops is particularly special.

La Casa del Gusto Panzerotteria - via Principe Amedeo, 271 - facebook.com/panzerottibari/?locale=it_IT

Ghiotto Panzerotto

Located in the city's most dynamic district, this spot offers a hot table service with takeaway for lunch or the option to sit comfortably in a very pleasant room where yellow and black colors predominate. In the evening, the fried panzerotto takes center stage, available in multiple flavors, starting with the traditional tomato and mozzarella and moving on to the more creative one with turnip tops and Norcia sausage. Bold is the one with "ashcande" strong ricotta (a pungent and distinctive fermented ricotta).

Ghiotto panzerotto - viale Papa Pio XII, 43 - ordinadaghiotto.it/


Bari-style fast food in the city center, with a display counter brimming with panzerotti and sandwiches of all kinds, based on typical Apulian products like burrata and octopus. Informal but functional service: you enter, choose, pay, collect your tray, and sit either inside or outside directly on Bari's main avenue. Generous portions justify the prices: from 3 to 6.50 euros for the panzerotti.

Mastrociccio - Corso Vittorio Emanuele II, 15 - mastrociccio.it/


In the beautiful Piazza Mercantile, a reliable address for always-hot panzerotti, with good crunchiness and softness. The classic filling, tomato and mozzarella, is impeccable, but it's worth trying the many proposed fillings: with meat, vegetables, or strong ricotta. Pair it with a local cold beer for a 100% Apulian experience.

Cibò – Piazza Mercantile, 70122


The right place, in a strategic position near the station, to grab a piece of focaccia full of fresh tomato or an excellent panzerotto. Hot and with a melty filling, the house's fried food never gets old and is perfect for greeting the city before leaving or just upon arrival.

Conticchio – viale Unità d’Italia, 13 - facebook.com/Conticchio-557984977566859/

La Pupetta

A bakery not to be missed in Bari, famous mainly for its focaccia, but it also holds its own with panzerotti. Classic flavors and old-fashioned tastes are the strengths of this bakery, which offers perfectly fried, well-drained, and flavorful crescents.

La Pupetta – via Benedetto Cairoli, 25 - facebook.com/focaccerialapupetta/?locale=it_IT

Panificio Fiore

Among the most famous bakeries in the city (and beyond), this historic bakery in Old Bari offers panzerotti as tradition dictates. Delicious products that sit alongside the queen of the counter, the Bari focaccia, nonetheless attracting customers' interest with their simple and genuine ingredients.

Panificio Fiore – Strada Palazzo di Città, 38

Panificio Magda

Near the University, this bakery is very popular with students and more. The varied and well-thought-out offering naturally includes panzerotti: generously stuffed and perfectly fried crescents that conquer the palate at the first bite. Also available in a gluten-free version.

Panificio Magda – via Prospero Petroni, 32 - facebook.com/PanificioMagdaOfficial/

Panificio Santa Rita

"At your service since 1921," they say at Santa Rita. And among focaccias and panzerotti, this bakery continues to win everyone over with its specialties. The queue, especially at peak times, can be long, but the wait will be rewarded by the genuine taste of the tomato and mozzarella panzerotti.

Panificio Santa Rita – Strada Dottula Bianchi, 8  - facebook.com/PanificioSantaRitaBari/?locale=it_ITù

Pizzeria Di Cosimo

Pizza is the house specialty, but at Di Cosimo, you can also find some of the most appreciated panzerotti by the people of Bari. Tomato and mozzarella, provolone and mortadella, "boscaiola" (mushrooms and sausage), tripe, mozzarella, and turnip tops: any flavor here finds its place inside the fried leavened dough, in XL version for the greediest. The baked versions are also good.

Pizzeria Di Cosimo – via Giovanni Modugno, 1 - instagram.com/pizzeriadicosimobari/?hl=it

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