Where to buy the best sfogliatelle in Naples

Jun 18 2024, 13:59
An iconic sweet of the city, omnipresent in all patisseries: here are the best places to try the true Neapolitan sfogliatella

The history of the sfogliatella is shrouded in mystery. It began with the Santarosa, filled with dried fruit, limoncello, ricotta, and semolina soaked in milk, invented by Sister Clotilde in the seventeenth century at the Santa Rosa convent on the Amalfi Coast to use up leftovers. This recipe evolved over the years to include custard and sour cherries. What does this have to do with the ricotta sfogliatella? It is said that in the nineteenth century, Pasquale Pintauro brought and modified the recipe from the coast to the city, but there are not many details about this.

Whether riccia or frolla (the former to be eaten warm immediately, the latter to be enjoyed even the next day), the sfogliatella is the symbol of Neapolitan pastry: here is where to buy it in Naples.

The best Sfogliatelle in Naples

Vincenzo Bellavia

The story begins in 1925, when Antonio Bellavia moved from Palermo to Naples, bringing with him the flavors and aromas of his island. Today, the “small empire,” now in its fourth generation, boasts six outlets between Campania and Lazio. Despite this, the level of production, which mixes Sicilian and Neapolitan traditions, remains high in both quantity and quality. The sfogliatelle are excellent, crispy, and generously filled.

Vincenzo Bellavia – Piazza Muzji Francesco, 27/28 - facebook.com/PasticceriaBellavia


The tradition of Campanian desserts inspires the pastry line of this small shop: the display cases are full of creations overflowing with fresh creams, whipped cream, and dustings of sugar as one would expect from such a genuine place. Sfogliatella, both riccia and frolla, is a must-try here.

Capriccio - via San Giovanni a Carbonara, 39 - facebook.com/capriccio1917/?locale=it_IT


A historic brand with a single location in Spaccanapoli, appreciated for its strong ties to tradition: the highlight is the Ministeriale, a chocolate filled with rum and ricotta born as a token of love, but here every typical sweet is made to perfection. The sfogliatella, for example, is flaky and well-cooked, with soft and flavorful cream; the frolla version, with its soft and fragrant filling, is also not to be missed.

Scaturchio – Piazza San Domenico Maggiore, 19 - facebook.com/Scaturchio.napoli

Di Costanzo

A mature and conscious pastry chef, Mario di Costanzo convinces more and more every year with his creative and precise offerings, which embrace classic pastry, modern styles, and French inspirations. Alongside contemporary creations, traditional specialties like the classic sfogliatella, made to perfection, can also be found.

Di Costanzo – Piazza Cavour, 133 - instagram.com/pasticceriadicostanzo/


A family-run patisserie that tells the story of the best Neapolitan pastry tradition and more. Among the house specialties are the sfogliatelle—both riccia and frolla—with a fragrant pastry and excellent citrus-scented ricotta filling. For tradition lovers, satisfaction is guaranteed with every bite.

Mignone – Piazza Cavour, 145 - facebook.com/pasticceriamignone


A historic establishment managed by the same family since 1837, offering a selection focused entirely on the best Neapolitan and Campanian traditions. It is said that here one can find the best baba in the city, but the truth is that the sfogliatella is no less: prepared as tradition dictates, the riccia is a delight for the palate. The online shop is also available.

Carraturo – via Casanova, 97 - facebook.com/carraturoPortaCapuanadal1837?locale=it_IT


Say sfogliatella and you say Attanasio. A few steps from the central station, this is an unmissable stop for anyone setting foot in Naples for the first time: the sfogliatelle are distinguished by a soft and fragrant ricotta cream, rich in taste and well-balanced. There are many other typical sweets, but nothing beats a freshly warm riccia, even better without powdered sugar.

Attanasio – vico Ferrovia, 1 - facebook.com/sfogliatelle.attanasio?locale=it_IT


A historic brand in the city center (dating back to 1927), a short distance from Piazza Municipio and Piazza del Plebiscito, Augustus is a staple for Neapolitans and tourists for a sweet or savory break. The flagship product is certainly the pastiera, also available in a maxi version, but all traditional pastries, including the sfogliatella, are not to be missed.

Augustus – via Toledo, 147 - facebook.com/augustusnapoli/?locale=it_IT


Breakfast is the strong point of this classic-style patisserie, but the treats on display are numerous: the riccia sfogliatelle are a guarantee, crispy to the right point and overflowing with cream, equally tasty are the frolla versions, perfect for take-away.

Santoro - Via Simone Martini, 113 - facebook.com/GranCaffePasticceriaSantoro/?locale=it_IT

Pasticceria Lauri

Near the central station, this halal patisserie truly knows its stuff when it comes to sfogliatelle: the intense and inviting aroma that envelops the establishment hints at a great taste, confirmed by a delicious filling and crispy pastry. The frolla sfogliatella is also excellent, as is the entire traditional repertoire.

Pasticceria Lauri – via Bologna, 12/13 - facebook.com/pasticcerialauri/?locale=it_IT


Often, walking through Naples, one can be enraptured by a pervasive aroma, that of one of the most typical and famous sweets of the Neapolitan tradition, the sfogliatella. In this tiny shop a stone's throw from Piazza del Plebiscito, the ritual has been celebrated for over a century: riccia or frolla, they are constantly being baked, ensuring great satisfaction.

Pintauro – via Toledo, 275 - facebook.com/pintaurodolceesalato/


A format entirely dedicated to the iconic sweet of the Neapolitan tradition: created by the Ferrieri family, pastry chefs for generations who have modified their offerings over time to create this fun formula. The house specialty is the Sfogliacampanella, a vertically developed sweet available in various fillings, but there are also the classic, white chocolate sfogliatella, coconut, and many savory versions.

Sfogliatelab – Piazza Dante, 80 - facebook.com/sfogliatelab.piazzadante

Cuori di Sfogliatella

Just outside the station, this very popular bar is a safe haven for those who, upon arriving in the city, want to satisfy their craving for a warm sfogliatella. In fact, all traditional sweets are displayed in a neat row, but as the name suggests, the flagship product is one: indeed, the sfogliatelle here are well-made, balanced, flaky, and with a fragrant and generous filling.

Cuori di Sfogliatella – Piazza Giuseppe Garibaldi, 93 - facebook.com/sfogliatelab.piazzadante

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