The best tramezzini to try in Turin chosen by Gambero Rosso

Jun 11 2024, 12:56
In the homeland of the tramezzino, there are many places worth noting for a delicious snack: here are the best bars for the city’s iconic sandwich

Although the origin of the recipe has always been contested, particularly with Veneto, this time there is a specific date and address: Piazza Castello, 15. It was here in 1926 that tramezzini were born, rectangular sandwiches inspired by Anglo-Saxon sandwiches, which even had the honor of being named by Gabriele D'Annunzio. It is said that the first owners of the Mulassano café, Angela Demichelis and Onorino Nebiolo, brought a toast-making machine back with them from the States, a great novelty at the time. Then, the brilliant idea: using the same soft, untoasted bread and filling it with delicious ingredients. Even today, they are the perfect snack for any time of day in the city: here’s where to find the best ones.

The best tramezzini in Turin

Caffè D’Acaja

Caffè D’Acaja, which offers triangular tramezzini in traditional or more elaborate flavors such as roast beef, parmesan, hazelnut mayonnaise, and salad, made a splash on a TV show. The bread is soft and well-moistened, rich with top-quality ingredients, including classics like vitello tonnato – always delightful – or sausage and peppers.

Caffè D’Acaja – via Principi d’Acaja, 57 -

Caffè Baratti&Milano

A city institution, Baratti – as the locals call it – has reigned since 1858 in the splendid Galleria Subalpina: among mirrors, stucco, wood, and gold, the offerings here respect the Savoyard traditions but also span into excellent cuisine by chef Ugo Alciati, with a menu featuring creative reinterpretations of typical dishes like plin, vitello tonnato, and giardiniera. The vitello tonnato also appears in a delicious tramezzino, embodying the best of Piedmont.

Caffè Baratti & Milano – piazza Castello, 27 -

Farmacia Del Cambio

A place with character – with furnishings reminiscent of the old pharmacy it occupies – and an outdoor area on Piazza Carignano. This alone would encourage a stop, which becomes obligatory with the quality of the offerings, in synergy with the Del Cambio restaurant. A taste of the tramezzini is unmissable, from vitello tonnato to one with babaganoush, smoked buffalo mozzarella, and confit tomatoes.

Farmacia del Cambio – Piazza Carignano, 2 -

Trivé Time

An under-30 project devoted to the tramezzino, a Turin cult (born in 1925 at the famous Mulassano café and named by D'Annunzio). Trivé’s tramezzini are large, shaped to create a "smile" that reveals rich and tasty gourmet fillings, classic (such as tuna, artichokes, and sun-dried tomatoes) or more creative, always using selected and local products.

Trivé Time – via Giovanni Amendola, 12 b -

Platti 1875

It’s a pleasure to enter Platti, a venue that retains all its 19th-century charm, sparkling with mirrors and gilding. Today, it is managed by Gerla, a group that collaborates with Evi Polliotto for the pastries and chef Fabrizio Tesse for the cuisine. Among the house specialties are the tramezzini, available in various flavors. The best? The one with peppers and anchovies.

Platti 1875 – Corso Vittorio Emanuele II, 72 -


Founded in 1836, Stratta boasts a distinguished history, evidenced by the Royal Supplier crest and the many illustrious regulars. Among them was Count Cavour, who loved to stop by for a vermouth with hazelnuts, a habit then imitated by generations of Turin residents. Among the lunch offerings, the tramezzini are always present: plump, made with soft bread and balanced fillings, they are a delight for a quick yet tasty break.

Stratta – piazza San Carlo, 191 -

Caffè Mulassano

An emblem of the city and an essential stop on tourist tours, Mulassano is also one of the smallest historic locales in Italy, 30 square meters of marble tables and period furnishings, including the old lottery wheel to pay the bill and the plaque on the display case claiming the invention of the tramezzino in 1926 by then-owner Angela Nebiolo. The tramezzini and toast are still a specialty: a taste of the classic flavors here is a must.

Caffè Mulassano – Piazza Castello, 15 -

Caffè San Carlo

Restored to the city after a thorough restyling, the historic San Carlo reintroduced itself to the Turin residents with an invigorated offering, emphasizing quality even more thanks to a stellar team. The entire proposal (including the coffee menu) carries the prestigious signature of brothers Christian and Manuel Costardi, who among various dishes also offer delicious tramezzini, expertly made with fresh ingredients and generous portions.

Caffè San Carlo – Piazza San Carlo, 156 -

Bar Zucca

A Turin excellence since the early 1900s, Zucca is a symbol of hospitality and for many, it is the living room of the aperitif (there’s often a queue for a table). Among the house cocktails and breakfast sweets, a significant space is occupied by the tramezzini, always a highlight of the place, made with seasonal, fresh, and flavorful ingredients.

Bar Zucca - via Antonio Gramsci, 10 - 

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