The best piadinas in Rimini: must-visit addresses

Jul 5 2024, 12:47
It's impossible to resist the flaky dough of the piadina: to taste some truly excellent ones, here's a practical guide to the best piadinerias in Rimini

No trip to Rimini is complete without at least a taste of piadina. This symbol of local cuisine is interpreted in various ways by the numerous kiosks and dedicated eateries in this city of fun. Here are the must-visit addresses for a top-notch piadina experience.

The best piadinas in Rimini

Dalla Lella

Among Lella's three locations, the one on Via Covignano caters to fans of the most classic Romagnola piadina. The dough comes in different types: with extra virgin olive oil instead of lard, with spelt flour, ancient grains, cereals, aromatic herbs, or whole wheat flours, and each piadina is then filled with local cold cuts and cheeses.

Dalla Lella – via Covignano, 96 – via Rimembranze, 74 a – Piazzale Kennedy, 2 -

Casina del Bosco

Piadina in full respect of Romagna tradition: open only from spring to early autumn, Casina del Bosco is a guarantee for properly made dough (classic or spelt), using the best local ingredients with guaranteed traceability. Not to mention the welcoming atmosphere that reflects the most authentic local spirit. Between piadinas, cassoni, and salads, everything here speaks of taste and genuineness, to be enjoyed in one of the most iconic locations in Rimini.

Casina del Bosco – viale Antonio Beccadelli, 15 -

Bar Ilde

What aims to be known as "The Baretto of Good Piadina" dates back to 1958 with a small wooden kiosk where passersby and workers would come for a snack with Mrs. Maria's piadina. The Urbinati family, starting with Ilde, has skillfully ridden the wave of the area's tourism development, expanding both the space and the piadina offerings, which today include three types of dough, 100 different fillings, cassoni, some cold dishes, fried foods, salads, and side dishes.

Bar Ilde – via Covignano, 245 -


An original offering that originated in a beach seafood restaurant and then met the typical Romagna piadina in an exclusive combination: sea charcuterie, produced in-house in various versions. Along with tuna sausage, there's salmon and swordfish mortadella, cooked swordfish ham, salmon speck, and blue marlin porchetta, all served in piadina with various combinations to suit your taste.

Salumarina – via Luigi Poletti, 6 -

Ivo la Piada e gli Oliveti

Stone-ground type 1 flour with watermill ensures Ivo's piadina is highly digestible. There are many fillings on the menu, well beyond the classic combinations: the three house piadinas are Ivo with squacquerone cheese, grilled zucchini, and sun-dried tomatoes; Ivo Burger with Chianina beef from Montefeltro and Mora Romagnola pork, fresh tomato, lettuce, and ketchup with the addition of squacquerone for the Burger Cheese version.

Ivo la Piada e gli Oliveti - viale Ivo Oliveti, 93 -

Nud e Crud

For enthusiasts of the typical Rimini piadina, this place is a safe haven. Made with local flours, they are filled with seasonal products from nearby organic farms, presenting themselves as fully Km 0 (with some valid exceptions). Whether in the traditional version, with extra virgin olive oil, or with kamut and spelt flours, they come with traditional pairings or more creative solutions.

Nud e Crud – viale Tiberio, 27/29 -

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