The best stuffed Schiacciata in Florence: the street food that didn't exist

Jul 4 2024, 15:36
The plain white schiacciata can be found in every bakery in the city, but for some time now, the stuffed version has also spread: here’s where to taste the best

Schiacciata in Florence is an institution. It’s a long-leavened focaccia, seasoned with plenty of good extra virgin olive oil and a few grains of coarse salt on top, creating the perfect snack at any time. Recently, another version has emerged: split in half and filled with all sorts of delicious ingredients like cold cuts, cheeses, grilled vegetables, pecorino, and honey, cooked preparations, sauces... A modern twist on the classic bakery schiacciata, driven primarily by the unparalleled success of All'Antico Vinaio. Today, several establishments prepare stuffed schiacciata: here are the best ones.

The best stuffed Schiacciata in Florence


Pugi originally was a bakery but, over time, has become one of the reference points for schiacciata all'olio and pizza al taglio in Florence. It now has three locations, two pure bakeries, and the forno bistro (via Orsini) where you can have a quick lunch without compromising on quality. The schiacciatas are mostly stuffed with local cold cuts and cheeses, and they’re all worth trying.

Pugi – viale Edmondo de Amicis, 49 -


The Tuscan focaccia crafted by Gianluca Vella (from the pizzeria Fermento 1889) is tall, light, and crispy, offered in various dough variations. The fillings, in the small shop just steps from the Campanile di Giotto and other city wonders, are numerous and well-thought-out, from the simplest with Tuscan ham or mortadella, to the "Collection" (with higher prices), like the Buonarroti, with sbriciolona fiorentina, fig jam, and pecorino.

Fermentino – via Borgo san Lorenzo, 27 r -

All’Antico Vinaio

Despite its 14 outlets worldwide, the Mazzanti family’s story, brought to prominence by son Tommaso, began on Via de' Neri in Florence back in 1989. The journey of "Bada come la fuma" is well-known, becoming a must-visit for tourists who aren’t deterred by long queues. Over the years, the offerings have remained faithful to tradition while also proposing special variants and monthly limited editions. The menu satisfies even the most demanding customers, from vegetarian options to the ability to compose your own schiacciata.

All’Antico Vinaio – via dei Neri, 65 r -

Retrobottega Cibarie e Mescita

From the small window overlooking Piazza de Cimatori, you can grab a schiacciata or a sandwich to go, or you can step inside and sit in the beautiful interior, with high seats and counters along the walls. In this centrally located establishment in Florence, you’ll find schiacciatas filled with local cheeses, homemade vegetables, high-quality cold cuts, and other local specialties. Among the highlights are the Viva Fiorenza!, a schiacciata with Garfagnana ham, Maremma pecorino, fig jam, and sun-dried tomato paté, and the Spider Pork with finocchiona, truffle pecorino, walnuts, and honey mustard. Vegetarian options are also available.

Retrobottega Cibarie e Mescita - Piazza de Cimatori, 5 -

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