Where to eat the best Sicilian Cannoli in Palermo

Jun 28 2024, 12:51
How can you resist the ricotta cream in cannoli? Here are 10 places to try a perfectly crafted cannolo

When you think of Sicily, you think of cannoli (and cassata, arancini, savory snacks, great wines...). In Palermo, this iconic local pastry is an institution: choosing the best one is no easy task, so we have gathered ten reliable addresses where you can find a perfectly crafted Sicilian cannolo.

The best Sicilian Cannoli in Palermo


A classic bar-patisserie known for its offerings throughout the day. Among the baked tarts, shortbread cookies, Viennese pastries, and almond sweets, the cannolo stands out for the deliciousness of its outer shell and the softness of its fresh and tasty ricotta cream. A must-try.

Accardi – via Gaetano Amoroso, 1 - facebook.com/accardipasticceria/?locale=it_IT


A historic neighborhood spot with a loyal clientele who flock here for both sweet and savory delights. Famous for its butter and meat arancini, its sweet section also shines with traditional cassatine and perfectly made cannoli. Safe bet with both classic and non-candied versions.

Alba – piazza Don Bosco, 7 c - facebook.com/pasticceriaalba/?locale=it_IT


The pedestrian area of Via Belmonte is one of the most appreciated in the city center. Here, right in the middle of the tree-lined street, sits the outdoor area of Antico Caffè, ideal for a cappuccino or a cocktail, a book or a newspaper. Every creation is worth tasting, but the cannolo is the king of the pastry: crumbly, creamy, flavorful, and perfectly balanced.

Spinnato – Piazza Castelnuovo, 16 - facebook.com/spinnato1860/?locale=it_IT


Salvatore Cappello, born in 1956, is always at the forefront, assisted by his wife and son Giovanni. The finesse and taste of their homemade sweets showcase their talent and mastery of technique. The mignons and single portions are elegant, but the ricotta desserts, starting with the well-made and balanced cannoli, are the most successful.

Cappello – via Colonna Rotta, 68 - facebook.com/pasticceriacappello/?locale=it_IT

I segreti del chiostro

The tranquility of the cloister and the atmosphere of the "spezieria" provide a highly evocative setting in this wonderful place, housed within the 14th-century Monastery of Santa Caterina di Alessandria (and until 2014, home to the cloistered Dominican nuns). The dolceria, born in 2017 through the initiative of a cooperative of young people and thanks to the recovery of recipes by researcher and historian Maria Oliveri, offers the best of traditional and convent Sicilian pastry: the cannolo is a work of art.

I Segreti del Chiostro – Chiesa di Santa Caterina d’Alessandria - facebook.com/ISegretidelChiostro.17?locale=it_IT

Pasticceria Oscar dal 1965

The Di Gaetano family's patisserie is one of the city's most beloved spots, and rightly so. The production, entrusted to pastry chef Giovanni Catalano, covers numerous fronts with consistently excellent results. The sweet and savory counter, overflowing from the early morning, includes croissants, brioches, donuts, arancini, mini pizzas, iris, and calzones. The classic and impeccable cannolo stands out.

Pasticceria Oscar dal 1965 – via Mariano Migliaccio, 39 - instagram.com/pasticceriaoscar1965/


This old-fashioned patisserie remains faithful to traditional pastry, with original wooden and marble furnishings and service in white jackets and bow ties. Both at the historic location and the beautiful one at Quattro Canti (via Maqueda 174), the counters are a feast of deliciousness in many flavors and formats, starting with fresh pastries and continuing with pantry cakes and biscuits. Cannoli are among the house specialties.

Costa – via Gabriele D’Annunzio, 15 - facebook.com/pasticceriacostapalermo?locale=it_IT


Carmelo Sciampagna, along with his sisters Lorena and Giannagiorgia, is a major figure in the Sicilian confectionery scene. The modern setting, meticulously curated, is in perfect harmony with his creations, always elegant and balanced, the result of masterful technique. The leavened products are impeccable, but the cannoli are equally impressive: fresh, crunchy, and creamy, they will win you over with the first bite.

Sciampagna – via Riccardo Wagner, 10 - facebook.com/SciampagnaPasticceria/?locale=it_IT

Golden Bar

A delightful bar that knows how to make customers happy with all the traditional preparations: granita, trifle, savory snacks, and of course, cannoli. Mountains of cannoli with a crispy shell and filled with sweet ricotta cream, enriched with chocolate chips. Everything here speaks Sicilian: for a taste of typical products, this is definitely the place.

Golden Bar - Piazza Papa Giovanni Paolo II, 38 - facebook.com/Goldenbarpalermo?locale=it_IT


This is the realm of the Cipolla family, which has recently made a significant leap in quality and variety of offerings. Stop by in the morning for the traditional breakfast with good croissants, krapfen, slices of Torta Savoia, and the legendary ricotta cannoli; unmissable.

Alfa – via Valdemone, 30 - facebook.com/p/Alfa-Pasticceria-100063483582754/

G.B. Matranga dal 1964

In nearly sixty years of activity, this establishment has preserved, promoted, and innovated the flavors of one of the city's most upscale residential neighborhoods. Fragrant croissants, custard-filled puff pastry half-moons (with mulberry jam in summer), ricotta cartocci, aromatic coffees, and foamy cappuccinos. The cannoli are textbook.

G.B. Matranga dal 1964 – via Giuseppe Sciuti, 60 - facebook.com/matrangasciuti?locale=it_IT

Salvo Albicocco

The proposal of this establishment remains solidly popular among the locals over the years. Pastry shop, café, ice cream parlor, deli... a comprehensive offer. The ricotta cannoli with chocolate chips are a must: bonus points for the high-quality candied peels.

Salvo Albicocco – viale Strasburgo, 121 - facebook.com/Salvoalbicoccopasticceria/?locale=it_IT

Bar Galatea

Located near the golden beaches of Mondello, the famous Lo Monaco bar is a reference point for a large clientele, both residential and beachgoers. Bar and pastry shop, it works with carefully selected raw materials and guarantees a good assortment of sweets and morning leavened products, the result of long processes with natural yeast. Crispy on the outside and soft on the inside, the cannoli will win everyone over.

Bar Galatea – via Galatea, 57 - facebook.com/bargalatea57/?locale=it_IT

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