Milan's best breweries for a good pint

Jun 19 2023, 08:28
Refreshing in summer, comforting in winter after a long day at work: nothing in the world comforts like a nice mug of beer. Here are the places not to miss in Milan for a good craft beer.

It is the neighborhood's meeting point, the place to leave behind any thought, work worries first and foremost: it is a second home, the pub, a gathering point where you go first of all to relax, but then also to nibble something together with a good pint. From time-honored references to younger signs, here is a series of breweries to try in Milan.

Milan's best breweries

Au Vieux Strasbourg

A historic, Alsatian-inspired address that has been offering a careful and varied selection since 2003 thanks to its 8-pin facility. The service is excellent, professional and attentive, perfect even for newcomers, who can discover more about the brassic world here. Of course, there is no shortage of pairing suggestions, from burgers - mouthwatering and generously stuffed - to meat dishes.

Italian Brewery

In Piazzale Cantore, a perfect place to get together with friends, a large space where you can choose from more than seventy craft beers from a variety of Italian establishments. The food is what you would expect from a pub, popular, simple and well done, including burgers, fried food, nachos to share and pinsa. All in a familiar, relaxed and welcoming atmosphere.

Italian Brewery

Just a stone's throw from Central Station, a stop at the Birrificio Italiano venue is a must for beer lovers. Opened in 2017, it is the pub of one of Italy's most iconic breweries: at the twelve spigots (plus two pumps), you will find the creations of Agostino Arioli and a few select guests. To accompany your drink, cicchetti that draw on local culinary traditions (try the "mondeghili") and a few succulent sandwiches come out of the open kitchen.

Lambrate Brewery

The Via Adelchi location of Birrificio Lambrate, one of the first names in Italian craft beer, is the pub with a capital "p." The kind that is always crowded, with excellent drafts, and beers always tapped perfectly despite the crowd. Montestella, Domm, Sant'Ambroeus, Gaina, Ghisa and many other house references are able to win everyone over. Something to eat can be found here as well, but for a more complete gastronomic offer we suggest you take a tour at the other location, the one in Via Golgi, 60.

La Belle Alliance

The name is the same as the pub where the two marshals who defeated Napoleon at Waterloo, Belgium, gathered. This is a territory of high brassic expertise, and indeed, amidst period paintings and woodwork, here you choose from 27 rotating plugs, joined by two 2 hand pumps plus a myriad of bottles and cans. The ambiance is always lively, enlivened by the obvious passion for soccer. Good quality preparations come out of the kitchen including shank cooked in beer, several sandwiches, stuffed sandwiches.

Fuorifusto Birrosteria

Yet another brewery-owned venue, in this case I Tri Bagai in Rozzano, in the province of Milan. Four of the venue's six taprooms contain house products, while the others range between different realities. The gastronomic proposal is also well taken care of, with products selected from Lombardy and Emilia, which give life to simple and tasty dishes, or taglieri for a snack.

Impronta Birraia

A large, rustic-modern style space that also offers live music and performances on weekends. The brassic offering is very good, starting with artisanal brews made in Brianza - such as Zatec pils and Entropia golden ale - plus a few imported goodies, English in particular. From the kitchen: burgers, sandwiches, main courses.


If you've never tasted lambics - sour beers brewed in Payottenland, southwest of Brussels - we recommend a visit to this establishment: you'll find many versions both on tap and in bottles. But the offerings do not end there; in fact, you will find many other types, all served impeccably. Not to be outdone is the cuisine: the giant hamburgers of choice meats are excellent, the perfect accompaniment to a pint.

La Ribalta

One of the points of reference for beer lovers in the Lombard capital, accomplices being the consistency in quality both in the beer of its own production and in the general offer of the place. Here production plant on view, cozy environment, a good gastronomic offer and a series of appointments with live music have from the very beginning gained the loyalty of a clientele, which on warm days can take advantage of the beautiful outdoor courtyard.

The Wall

Many come to The Wall for the meat dishes - imaginative creations made from good raw materials - but the pub is above all a hangout for lovers of beer, the good, craft kind, available in more than 20 references. Varied, then, the gastronomic proposals, with dishes coming from the kitchen and platters of cold cuts and cheeses for a tasty aperitif.


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