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Where to eat raw fish in Bari: top spots selected by Gambero Rosso

You can't leave Bari without trying the "fisherman's breakfast" at Molo San Nicola: sea urchins, fasolari clams, hairy mussels, and octopuses curled up right in front of you, to be enjoyed in their pure form with bread and a squeeze...

Italy's highest vegan restaurant opens: the adventure of Andrea Fugnanesi in Livigno

In Livigno, at an altitude of 1,816 meters, the vegan and vegetarian restaurant "Stua da Legn" of the Lac Salin SPA & Mountain Resort opens on June 21. The kitchen is led by a young Umbrian chef, already at home...

Where to eat outdoors in Turin: the 14 best addresses chosen by Gambero Rosso

The austere beauty of the Savoyard capital pairs with a lively and dynamic metropolitan spirit, perfect for enjoying the outdoors as soon as the warm weather arrives

Where to eat fish in Catania: the 8 best trattorias chosen by Gambero Rosso

Catanese cuisine flourishes with both land and sea offerings. To enjoy the delights of the latter, it's worth touring the most beloved trattorias among the locals, both inside and outside the famous fish market. Here are the must-visit spots

Where to eat in Vernazza: the 6 best restaurants chosen by Gambero Rosso

The stunning views from the terraces, the steep alleys, and the small harbour make Vernazza one of the jewels of the Cinque Terre, where dining is also a delightful experience. Here are some recommendations on where to eat

The best agriturismos in Cilento chosen by Gambero Rosso

Cilento is a collection of municipalities in the province of Salerno, within a picturesque, historical, and gastronomical context that attracts flocks of tourists each year. To fully enjoy the nature and fine cuisine, staying at one of the many agriturismos...

Where to eat authentic Piadina Romagnola in Riccione: the best places chosen by Gambero Rosso

The capital of the Romagna nightlife scene is unjustly considered a gastronomic victim of a certain type of tourism, often deemed cheap and careless. Nothing could be further from the truth. Here are three must-visit spots to enjoy piadina

Where to eat outdoors in Bologna: the 7 best places chosen by Gambero Rosso

Bologna en plein air? Beautiful, as long as it's before temperatures rise above tolerable levels. Here are the best places to enjoy breakfasts, lunches, dinners, and after-dinner drinks outdoors in the newly started season

Where to eat authentic Piadina Romagnola in Rimini: top picks by Gambero Rosso

The street food – or rather, beach food – of the Romagna Riviera has an undisputed queen: the piadina. With various doughs and fillings for all tastes, here are the must-visit spots in Rimini

Where to eat in Limone sul Garda: the top 4 restaurants chosen by Gambero Rosso

On the Brescia side of Lake Garda, Limone is a gem that satisfies both relaxation seekers and sports enthusiasts. However, finding good food can be a bit more challenging, despite the abundance of quality ingredients. Here are the places to...
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