Milan's 5 best food delivery services to try

Aug 11 2022, 08:28 | by Michela Becchi
Home shopping can be a great help for those who do not have much free time but still do not want to give up on quality food. Here are five must-try delivery services in Milan.

Who said that you need a lot of time on your hands to eat well? Thanks to the increasingly attentive platforms and various food delivery services, it's now possible to eat well by ordering ready meals, products and delicacies with just a tap on your smartphone. A luxury of modern times made possible thanks to the artisans and professionals who have decided to invest in timely home deliveries, able to guarantee the high quality of ingredients despite transportation times. Here are the best deliveries in Milan according to the Lombardia 2023 guide.


Fruits, vegetables, fresh and organically grown produce, received at home to prepare ever changing seasonal dishes. The Cortilia app is very successful. It is the first online farmers' market born thanks to a widespread distribution network which, after 10 years, stays limited to northern Italy. Over the years, the basket of products has expanded to also include meat and cheeses, as well as packaged goods, always coming from niche farms.

Cortilia – via Garofalo, 10 –


For those who cannot give up on the specialties of their favourite craftsmen or trusted cooks, Cosaporto is the ideal platform, thanks to the wide range of quality that brings together the best of professionals in the sector, from pastry products to dinner menus. Products and recipes created by renowned chefs and brands, cold and hot dishes, desserts, drinks and lots of good wine, with an excellent selection of Champagne. You can also order gift cards and flowers, to send gifts.

Cosaporto – 0565547098 –

Delivery Valley

The key to the success of this service is probably the possibility of observing every movement of the chefs from the hectic avenue, but also the quality of ingredients, the strength of Delivery Valley, halfway between a delivery and an actual venue. High-level ingredients that give life to recipes that are never banal, ranging from pizza baked in a small pan, to fast food proposals with attention to the smallest details. There are also international inspirations with well-made Middle Eastern and Asian dishes.

Delivery Valley – v.le Col di Lana, 8 – 0245497543 –

Smart Food

An e-commerce that distributes throughout Milan and that clearly traces the products offered thanks to detailed and exhaustive product outlines: Smart Food offers a series of quality ingredients, from fruit to meat, from preserves to vegetables, without forgetting the cosmetics and household cleaning products department (all organic). There is also the woof-shop window, to pamper your four-legged friends.

Smart Food – via U. Visconti di Modrone, 33 – 0245489143 –


It's a fact: we all want some eye candy. This is the perfect catering and delivery service for those who seek, in addition to taste, a refined and captivating aesthetic. Packaging plays a fundamental role, as do solutions designed specifically for special events. In short, nothing is left to chance, starting with the selection of ingredients, which give life to bites that are always different and presented in a fun way..

Zerobriciole – via L. Papi, 18 – 0294554140 –

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