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Grandmas Project. Grandmothers in the kitchen on short films about the 20th century

Born in 2016 and growing thanks to crowdfunding, the project conceived by the film maker Jonas Pariente invites all the directors of the world to share short documentaries online portraying their grandmothers starting with a recipe. Grandmas Project is not ...Leggi altro

Oct. 18 2019

World Chefs Tour: the great chefs of the world like rockstars. Nine months of event dinners, Italy runs with Bottura

Starting with Madrid, the first edition of a kermesse dedicated to gourmands throughout the world willing to spend high amounts to discover the cuisine of the most celebrated international chefs. Nine chefs for nine months in pop-up restaurants of the ...Leggi altro

Oct. 18 2019

Scarto in Bologna. The anti-waste cocktail bar is now serving meals: new chef and menu

Born just over a year ago in the spaces of a former convent, Scarto is a decidedly unconventional cocktail bar. Behind it there is a clear thought: to promote a circular economy, starting from food. And from cocktails. Autumn 2019 ...Leggi altro

Oct. 11 2019

Zitto a Mangia! In Bologna, Pane e Panelle makes lunch for teen students after school

Behind the initiative of the Bolognese trattoria Pane e Panelle is the desire to serve the community. By educating kids who don't eat at school and still can't provide for lunch on their own. A first course and vegetables sold ...Leggi altro

Oct. 11 2019

The Best Chef Awards 2019. Ranking born on social media reveals its top 100: first place goes to Bjorn Frantzen

One hundred chefs selected primarily by the chefs themselves, called to vote for their colleagues; and then ranked with an online vote. The top 100 of The Best Chef Awards on the Barcelona red carpet. Sweden wins, many in Spain. ...Leggi altro

Oct. 10 2019

The movement of young Italian farmers who grow bio-intensive crops

Good news. Italy is the number one in Europe for the number of young people employed in agriculture. And an authentic movement of competent and innovative young farmers is emerging, people who cultivate in bio-intensive regimen.

Oct. 03 2019

Vinum Insulae on Elba. Making wine like the ancient Greeks did 2,500 years ago

A winemaker and a Professor of viticulture recreated the wine of the ancient Greeks of the island of Chio: here's Vinum Insulae.

Sep. 27 2019

The idea of Garbage Cafè, hailing from India: free food in exchange for plastic and polluting waste

The restaurant, destined to feed the less affluent for free, will also serve to raise awareness among the local population on the importance of recycling: here's the new Garbage Cafè in India.

Sep. 27 2019

Made in Fukushima. The rebirth of a contaminated agricultural territory in a book on (and made of) rice

The project is the result of a collaboration between Serviceplan and the German graphic studio Moby Digg. The result is a book––printed on Fukushima rice paper––that tells a true story of agricultural rebirth, where life was interrupted as a result ...Leggi altro

Sep. 18 2019

Sucrez vos fraises. The Instagram account that counts sugar abuse in sugar cubes

Sucrez vos fraises is an Instagram account which shows how much sugar we eat every day. From snacks to drinks, here is the amount of sugar in our food.

Sep. 13 2019
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