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Terre AbbanDonate. The Biella platform that brings together those who have and are looking for uncultivated land

The project's objectives promoted by Let Eat Bi are manifold. Enhancing the land and defending it from total abandonment; stimulating cooperation within a community; favouring a genertional shift in farming, This is how the exchange platform works, and why it ...Leggi altro

Nov. 05 2020

Lunch at the restaurant, even in the afternoon. The kitchens of Italy reinvent themselves

Forced to close at 6 pm, many restaurateurs have chosen to extend their lunch service to the late afternoon. A habit that never before, until now, has proven successful in Italy. This time however, even famous names have embraced the ...Leggi altro

Nov. 04 2020

Ri-Pescato. Sicilian fish, from the illegal market to the table of families in need

The Ri-Pescato project fights the fraudulent fish market, which every year leads to the seizure of 500 tonnes of fish throughout Italy, and at the same time helps families in need through the Banco Alimentare food bank. This virtuous chain ...Leggi altro

Oct. 14 2020

Dan Barber changes everything: in 2021 he’s leaving the kitchen, Blue Hill will be a residence for chefs in dire straits

Four chefs, one per season, will be at the reins of one of the most famous kitchens in the United States: Blue Hill at Stone Barns, founded by Dan Barber in the Hudson Valley countryside. The goal is promoting gender ...Leggi altro

Sep. 14 2020

Food for Soul opens a Refettorio in Lima. Massimo Bottura’s project arrives in Peru

The debut is in September, as an evolution of the Casa de Todos project, born in Lima as a refuge for the homeless during the pandemic. It will involve professional chefs and artists, as is customary for the refectories opened ...Leggi altro

Sep. 09 2020

Dining in in Slovenia close from the border. The best restaurants to try

Entering from the Friuli Venezia Giulia border, Slovenia proves to be an excellent destination for day trips or easy vacations. Recently awarded by Michelin, the Slovenian dining scene offers many surprises, both traditional and modern. Here are our suggestions.

Jun. 22 2020

The dining sector in the US is on its knees: 5.9 million unemployed, a recession taking us back 30 years

The monthly U.S. Department of Labor report, which provides updates on national unemployment rate, details 20.5 million jobs lost in April. One in four in the restaurant industry, halving its number of employees, but there's hope for a restart.

May. 15 2020

Managing a restaurant in Sweden’s soft lockdown. Giancarlo Clark’s experience in Stockholm

Since 1988 Mancini has been a point of reference for Italian dining in Stockholm. Sommelier Giancarlo Clark tells us how the sector is experiencing the crisis in a Sweden that apparently never stopped.

May. 12 2020

Immigrant Food: the Washington restaurant that defies Trump’s anti-immigration rhetoric

The dishes on the menu are an unusual fusion of apparently very different food cultures: Mexico and India, Ethiopia and El Salvador, Ireland and Russia. With the idea of highlighting the convivial table and the role of immigration at the ...Leggi altro

Dec. 04 2019

The idea of panettone spread hails from Ferrara, the historic chocolate factory Rizzati

What if panettone could be eaten with a spoon and its scent lasted all year? A chocolate artisan in Ferrara has created a spreadable cream with all the ingredients of the Christmas cake, which can be enjoyed out of season ...Leggi altro

Nov. 08 2019
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