Sucrez vos fraises. The Instagram account that counts sugar abuse in sugar cubes

Sep 13 2019, 10:12 | by Livia Montagnoli
Sucrez vos fraises is an Instagram account which shows how much sugar we eat every day. From snacks to drinks, here is the amount of sugar in our food.

It’s called Sucrez vos fraises, whose imperative can be translated as: “Sweeten your strawberries”. It's a French Instagram account that translates the consumption (not to say abuse) of sugar in our daily diet into images.

Sucrez vos fraises: the Instagram account about sugar

The trick is simple, and effective: alongside snacks of all kinds, packaged ice cream, cookies, fruit juices, chocolate, the French profile matches the equivalent of the grams indicated on the label in sugar cubes, and sums it in a photo.

Sucrez vos fraises: how much sugar does our food contain?

Often, the result is unsuspected: even a common 340 gram bottle of ketchup is a sugar condensate, equal to as many as 13 cubes! And in less than a year the profile has already reached almost 75K followers.

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