Livia Montagnoli

Swiss voters reject pesticide ban. Blow for environmentalists.

The referendum on 13 June was voted down by more than 60%, despite the ongoing debate on the importance of encouraging healthy and environmentally friendly food production.

Eataly opens in London. The group's first store in the UK

Eataly London in Broadgate opens on April 29th, in the midst of the city's restart. This is the franchise's first opening on English soil, and will bring 5,000 Made in Italy products to London, as well as offer a dining...

Picnics at Buckingham Palace gardens. The Queen’s gimmick

From July to September, for the first time in the history of the British Royal Family, it will be possible to enjoy a picnic on the Buckingham Palace lawns, until now only accessible via guided tours. An operation that hides...

The ScrapsBook: Ikea’s waste-saving cookbook that teaches how to repurpose kitchen scraps

Ikea Canada against climate change: in collaboration with ten North American chefs, Ikea featured a free online waste-saving cookbook, containing many ideas that give kitchen scraps a second life.

FrescoFrigo conquers the world. The success of the Italian smart refrigerators startup

Born in 2018 from the intuition of Enrico Pandian, FrescoFrigo is a startup that has interpreted new consumer habits, first by tapping into the health food segment, then adapting to changing needs during the pandemic.

René Redzepi’s sandwiches in Copenhagen: from the Noma to the Popl burger bar

Popl, from the Latin popolus, is nothing more than a stable concretization of the concept conceived the day after the first lockdown in the garden of the Noma. Here's the latest invention by Redzepi.

L'Apres M in Marseille. How a former McDonald's was transformed into a social fast food restaurant

After the branch located in one of the poorest neighborhoods in Marseille went out of business, former employees and residents of the neighbourhood devised a solidarity dining project, centered on the principle of food sovereignty. Of the old course only...

Street food in Singapore is an Unesco heritage. Recognition for hawker culture

The hawker centres represent Singapore’s multicultural roots, which is why UNESCO recognises the city-state’s hawker culture and street food as an Intangible Cultural Heritage Site.

Anti-Covid vaccine. The United States wants to give priority to those who produce food

Those who work in the fields or in the processed food industry in the United States are often more vulnerable in regards to health. Furthermore, food production is an essential service, which all Americans benefit from. For all these reasons,...

Bestbefore. The anti-waste e-commerce of expiring products or unsold stock

Bestbefore is an Italian startup, created by two Piemontesi. It aims to combat food waste by offering companies the opportunity to reduce disposal costs for products otherwise destined for pulp. Meanwhile, it guarantees the consumer good food at a reduced...
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