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René Redzepi’s sandwiches in Copenhagen: from the Noma to the Popl burger bar

Popl, from the Latin popolus, is nothing more than a stable concretization of the concept conceived the day after the first lockdown in the garden of the Noma. Here's the latest invention by Redzepi.

Jan. 13 2021

L’Apres M in Marseille. How a former McDonald’s was transformed into a social fast food restaurant

After the branch located in one of the poorest neighborhoods in Marseille went out of business, former employees and residents of the neighbourhood devised a solidarity dining project, centered on the principle of food sovereignty. Of the old course only ...Leggi altro

Jan. 11 2021

Street food in Singapore is an Unesco heritage. Recognition for hawker culture

The hawker centres represent Singapore’s multicultural roots, which is why UNESCO recognises the city-state’s hawker culture and street food as an Intangible Cultural Heritage Site.

Dec. 30 2020

Anti-Covid vaccine. The United States wants to give priority to those who produce food

Those who work in the fields or in the processed food industry in the United States are often more vulnerable in regards to health. Furthermore, food production is an essential service, which all Americans benefit from. For all these reasons, ...Leggi altro

Dec. 28 2020

Bestbefore. The anti-waste e-commerce of expiring products or unsold stock

Bestbefore is an Italian startup, created by two Piemontesi. It aims to combat food waste by offering companies the opportunity to reduce disposal costs for products otherwise destined for pulp. Meanwhile, it guarantees the consumer good food at a reduced ...Leggi altro

Nov. 19 2020

Terre AbbanDonate. The Biella platform that brings together those who have and are looking for uncultivated land

The project's objectives promoted by Let Eat Bi are manifold. Enhancing the land and defending it from total abandonment; stimulating cooperation within a community; favouring a genertional shift in farming, This is how the exchange platform works, and why it ...Leggi altro

Nov. 05 2020

Lunch at the restaurant, even in the afternoon. The kitchens of Italy reinvent themselves

Forced to close at 6 pm, many restaurateurs have chosen to extend their lunch service to the late afternoon. A habit that never before, until now, has proven successful in Italy. This time however, even famous names have embraced the ...Leggi altro

Nov. 04 2020

Ri-Pescato. Sicilian fish, from the illegal market to the table of families in need

The Ri-Pescato project fights the fraudulent fish market, which every year leads to the seizure of 500 tonnes of fish throughout Italy, and at the same time helps families in need through the Banco Alimentare food bank. This virtuous chain ...Leggi altro

Oct. 14 2020

Dan Barber changes everything: in 2021 he’s leaving the kitchen, Blue Hill will be a residence for chefs in dire straits

Four chefs, one per season, will be at the reins of one of the most famous kitchens in the United States: Blue Hill at Stone Barns, founded by Dan Barber in the Hudson Valley countryside. The goal is promoting gender ...Leggi altro

Sep. 14 2020

Food for Soul opens a Refettorio in Lima. Massimo Bottura’s project arrives in Peru

The debut is in September, as an evolution of the Casa de Todos project, born in Lima as a refuge for the homeless during the pandemic. It will involve professional chefs and artists, as is customary for the refectories opened ...Leggi altro

Sep. 09 2020
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