Grillo phenomenon: Sicily is now betting on white wines

Apr 18 2024, 15:14
Nielsen data presented at Vinitaly shows that sales of this Sicilian native have grown by 20% in volume and 19% in value. Record requests in Germany: three million bottles sold in GDO alone

The propensity of contemporary consumers to increasingly prefer white wines is driving up the prices of Grillo Doc, a Sicilian symbol wine. So much so that the Consortium for the protection of Sicilia Doc wines did not hesitate to speak of a success story, at a special conference organized at Vinitaly, on Tuesday, April 16th. For this bestseller with many identities and also rising in international markets, data shows that we have returned to pre-pandemic levels.

Nielsen data on the Grillo phenomenon

According to data collected by Nielsen, Grillo consumption has returned to levels seen before 2019. On one hand, according to the Consortium chaired by Antonio Rallo, this is a sign of resilience in the market followed by real peaks in growth. In fact, in 2023, Grillo recorded increases of 20% in volume, 19% in value, and 15% in packaged quantities compared to the previous year. "Values - emphasizes the Consortium - never reached in the past." A growth, both in volumes and values, that reaffirms the role of ambassador for the territory and Sicilia Doc wines worldwide," emphasized President Rallo, noting how among the over 70 autochthonous varieties of the region, this white wine emerges as a symbol of the growing prestige of Sicilia Doc wines. Significant numbers also come from data collected in the German market: considering only sales in large organized distribution, Sicilia Doc sold almost 3 million bottles of Grillo in 2023.

Future prospects and potential

Looking ahead, according to the Consortium (which brings together almost 8,000 winegrowers and about 500 bottlers), Grillo has the potential to further expand its presence, both nationally and internationally: "The prospects are significant, particularly with the increase in distribution and the enrichment of assortment in retail outlets. This development - concludes the protection body - will not only consolidate Grillo's role as a leader among white Doc wines, but will also strengthen its position in foreign markets where it already shows promising signs," thanks to the combination of high quality, strong identity, targeted marketing, and effective promotion.

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