The best bakeries in Turin according to Gambero Rosso

Oct 11 2023, 13:00
Breadsticks are a must at Turin bakeries, but you will find much more at the following addresses- Here are the 4 best bakeries in Turing according to The Pane e Panettieri d’Italia bread and baker guide 2024

Bread in Turin is a serious matter. Seventeen addresses are listed in our latest Guida Pane e Panettieri d’Italia. Here are the four bakeries that have won the Tre Pani, the highest rating.

The best bakeries in Turin


Loaves of bread, trays of focaccia, cakes: a pleasure for the sight, even before the palate. From regional breads – sciocco saltless bread from Tuscany and loaves made with ancient grains from Sicily, black bread from Castelvetrano, Tyrolean wheat flour bread - to special breads made with sourdough. Three-grain bread, old-fashioned bread, buckwheat bread, tourte de seigle, rye bread with figs and walnuts, chocolate bread, seasonal breads (with grapes, with figs, etc.), pan e nuss (ancient grains from Piedmont and walnuts), baguette with stone-ground type 1 flour, as well as tasty mignon rolls. Breadsticks, Turin stirati and rubatà (here you will find the best rubatà in Piedmont), with olive oil, with water and in different types, and also a rich choice of savoury and stuffed focaccias or baked desserts: tarts, torta langarola with hazelnuts, Lenten salami, Easter stiacciata, pastiera, Tuscan bucellato, and vaso cooked babas. Classic leavened goods aren’t lacking.

via C.L. Berthollet, 30 - 011 6699558 -

Perino Vesco

This bakery-café is one of the addresses of excellence in Turin.  for an art of bread-making that takes a healthy approach to bread and the search for selected, stone-ground flours from biodynamic Italian farms. The range of breads is very variegated. Pane Felice, the most requested, pane completo, monococco bread, rye, walnut, honey and cinnamon bread, 5-grain bread, pan brioche, fruit bread, baguette, the classic Piedmontese biove, salt-free bread, gluten-free organic buckwheat, 90% sultana bread, mountain bread. And the unmissable hand-ironed breadsticks. Very tasty focaccias and pizzas by the slice. There is a fine selection of baked desserts: hazelnut cake, strudel, fruit tartlets, tarts, paste di meliga and other Piedmontese biscuits, as well as seasonal leavened goods (colomba, panettone and pandoro). You can also stop for a lunch break with stuffed sandwiches, pizzas and focaccia, and for an aperitivo.

via Cavour, 10 - 011 0686056 -

Luca Scarcella - Il Forno dell' Angolo

Bread, offered in about 30 varieties, under rather large shapes made with sourdough and selected flours, remains the focus. The most popular bread is the chia seed bread, overtaking the Rustico (rye, wheat flour, oat flakes and barley malt), but every month a new bread is proposed, to try the 100% rye. Not to be forgotten is also the Christmas Bread, with stone-ground type 1 flour, walnuts, sultanas, red fruits and linseed, and the Piedmont Bread with local flour, peaches, macaroons and chocolate. There is a wide choice of focaccias and pizzas in pala with tasty fillings, all displayed on the 10-metre counter in Via Lurisia. The baked desserts section is very rich: tarts, apple pies, which Scarcella offers all year round: in addition to the classic panettone and colomba, there is also Lingotto and its chocolate version, Cioccolingo. There are two other shops: in Via Principi d'Acaja 47 and the very recent store in Via Tripoli 39/C.

via Lurisia, 7 - 011 6989840 -

Spoto Bakery Voglia di Pane

Bread in large sizes, with doughs carefully studied to make them light and digestible: Rye breads, type 2 wheat flour breads, wholemeal spelt bread, the Gran rustico loaf with ten grains, the Perciasacchi bread made with ancient Sicilian wheat, the black Castrelvetrano wheat - Spoto is part of the Grani d'Autore project carried out by Molini del Ponte in Castelvetrano, with which it has acquired some wheat fields to bring back the tradition of ancient Sicilian grains - and the Capeiti and Biancolilla flour breads. Really tasty are the simple and stuffed focaccia romana (the one with potatoes, Bra sausage and caramelised onions is good) and pizza by the slice, with always different toppings (unmistakable 'nduja, ricotta and colatura di alici di Cetara and pesto, burrata and tomato confit), and the sandwiches stuffed on Tuesdays. There is a beautiful selection of cross buns, baked cakes, biscuits, cannoli and mini Neapolitan pastries. And more vaso cooked colomba and panettone.

via Chiesa della Salute, 23 - 011 5708415 -

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