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Find out more about buying on tap

Shopping on tap: the advantage of buying unpackaged

One goes to the store with one's own containers, choosing the necessary foods and placing them directly in the bags. Without plastic or other packaging. It's the new (old) concept of shopping on tap, which is back in fashion: here ...Leggi altro

Jun. 15 2021

Regional cuisine: Alphabetical guide to the foods of Sardinia

Sardinian cuisine possessed a unique and little known gastronomic identity with traditional specialties like cheese, bread, stuffed pasta and much more.

Jun. 13 2021
Find out more about American diners

History and fun facts about American diners

First food trucks with low-quality food, then more structured restaurants which reflected the country's identity. Phenomenology of the famous American diners.

Jun. 11 2021
Find out more about the Hey Güey terrace

The Chapter hotel in Rome opens its Mexican-style terrace: Hey Güey

Since its opening two years ago, Rome's The Chapter hotel has established itself as a space open to the city. Now it's back with a new Mexican-inspired proposal on the Hey Güey terrace.

Jun. 11 2021
Find out more about lampredotto in Florence

The best lampredotto sandwich in Florence? Here are 8 places to try

Always a favourite street food of Florentines, the lampredotto sandwich is an unmissable product for a taste of authentic Tuscan cuisine. Here's where to find the best in town.

Jun. 10 2021
Find out more about Ermete Medici

Ermete Medici: a family history in the name of Lambrusco

t is impossible to tell the story of Lambrusco Reggiano without talking about the Medici winery. Founded by Remigio at the end of the 19th century, his son Ermete was the one who expanded and modernised it, by laying the ...Leggi altro

Jun. 09 2021
Find out more about tempeh

Tempeh: what is it and how to cook it. Vegan recipes and ideas using “soy meat”

Born in Indonesia and today appreciated almost everywhere, especially by those choosing to give up meat. Here's how to make tempeh.

Jun. 08 2021
Find out more about French boulangeries

History, tradition and typical products of French boulangeries

Crisp and buttery, French croissants are the perfect way to start the day. But there is so much more to taste in the boulangeries: here's what to buy.

Jun. 08 2021
Find out more about vino cotto

History of vino cotto, cotto di fichi and sapa

If wine is one of the oldest products on our table, the same goes for its “cooked” version, not heated but produced starting from the cooking of the must. Here's the whole story.

Jun. 04 2021
Find out more abou the best supplì' in Rome

Where to eat supplì in Rome: the best in the eternal city

Crunchy and melty, supplì remains a favourite street food of local Romans and tourists looking for a delicious snack. Where to eat the best? Here is our ranking.

Jun. 01 2021
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