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Franciacorta in 3 labels below 20 euros

Among the wines we reviewed in the Berebene guide by Gambero Rosso for the best quality-price ratio, there are also some Metodo Classico sparkling wines. Here are 3 Franciacorta options

Is Italian wine in crisis? From the United States to Japan, the map of countries that have reduced purchases

A negative balance for Italian wine in 2023. A decline in both volume and value in the countries of the USA, Germany, the United Kingdom, Canada, and Japan, which together represent 56% of Italy's wine exports

Where to eat "spaghetti alla chitarra" in L'Aquila: the 7 best restaurants chosen by Gambero Rosso

The "chitarra," a symbol of traditional Aquilan cuisine, is a square-sectioned egg pasta made using the "chitarra," a stringed culinary tool. The condiments vary, ranging from the classic ragù to more imaginative sauces

The Sicilian Pietro Russo is the third Italian Master of Wine

A life devoted to the world of wine. After working around the globe, Pietro Russo manages to enter the Olympus of Master of Wine

Taste and aroma of tea: it's all about roots

A group of Chinese scientists has discovered the association between certain microorganisms present in the roots and the nitrogen metabolism in tea plants. A union that significantly impacts the quality of one of the most consumed beverages globally

The best Montepulciano d'Abruzzo in 10 labels under 20 euros

From the Montepulciano vine, in Abruzzo, comes one of the most well-known red wines of the region. Here, we present a selection of very good labels with an excellent quality-price ratio

From the grand hotel on the Amalfi Coast to the small restaurant inland: two young individuals take a chance in Gragnano

The city of pasta has a new high-end restaurant: the story of Luigi Tramontano and Nicoletta Gargiulo, who open O me o il mare restaurant

Gucci's Easter egg with Fabio Fazio's chocolate is lemon, rosemary, and Ecuadorian dark chocolate

A collaboration between big names for Easter 2024: Gucci Osteria, the restaurant associated with Bottura's orbit with chefs Karime Lopez and Takahiko Kondo, chooses Lavoratti 1938, Fabio Fazio's chocolate for their eggs

The 50 best wines is born. Here are the best labels according to 30 great sommeliers (many of them are Italian)

The first World's Best Sommeliers' Selection has been unveiled, a list compiled by 30 sommeliers from around the world. In the selection, a total of 16 labels from our country are featured

Creative cuisine, seafood dishes, and light wines: this is how mountain restaurants reinvent themselves while waiting for the snow

Snow tourism is holding on, "thanks" to snowmaking facilities, but how much longer can we rely on artificial snow?
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